Whole Child, Community Schools are a Communist Approach to Learning

If you haven’t heard already, you will soon be noticing some educational terms which should send shivers down your spine. In Ohio it’s called the “Whole Child” approach to learning. In Arizona, we are hearing about “Community Schools”. The premise sounds great; as usual, the Left has a creative handle on the English language so words can be twisted and turned to their advantage.

Ohio’s program is coming right from Governor Mike DeWine’s office. Governor DeWine proclaims to be a Republican, but Ohioans know better. Here is a link to the Ohio Department of Education’s Whole Child website. This flashy ASDC website reveals what is really going on with the Whole Child approach–more gender and equity. The gender/equity show is not only to affect which candidates can’t be criticized, but is also a scheme to make a few people rich. The more damage to the child and family, the more the government, especially beloved “educators”, jump in to work their healing magic. This article from “Education Next” outlines the rise in school administration size and income of late. Teachers and students are merely pawns in Big Education.

Here are some screenshots from the ASDC website. It looks more like it came from Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction website with all the gender and equity garbage. Check out the webinars.

Are you bored? ASCD has some great events, even for pre-K and Kindergarten. Are you seeing a pattern? Why bother to raise your own children? Put them in the Whole Child program and the liberal community will raise the kids for you. Then you can work more to pay higher taxes to support the huge educational and welfare state you just created.

We are still recovering from the effects of closed schools, masks on children, and teachers treating students like they are a disease. What to do? Sign up for ACSD’s “High Poverty Schools Respond to Pandemic….” Create a crisis and never let it go to waste.

How about some book-learning?

So what about Arizona? Just a few days ago, Republican Arizona legislators fell for the same, for lack of a better word, crap. When will they learn if the other Party recommends something it never turns out well?

Republican Senators Fann, Borelli, and Mesnard, what are you doing? How are you benefiting from this? Here is a summary about SB1635, sponsored by Senator JD Mesnard. Tell us more about which organizations will be taking over for parents, Senator Mesnard.

Over the last few months, we have chronicled the medical takeover of Phoenix Union High School students and local communities by Superintendent Chad Gestson and the White House. Why is nobody questioning a health merger by a school district? Soon we heard of additional health clinics in Mesa and Chandler. Chandler is set up to be your child’s go-to for mental health issues. Let’s get this straight. The organization which is responsible for many students’ mental health problems is tasked to fix those problems.

Mesa Public Schools has partnered with Terros Health to address their students’ mental illness, much of which the district caused.

One of the major issues with the Whole Child/Community School approach is the amount of time kids spend online. One of the goals is to data mine the child and his or her family. Where is this information being sent and what is being done with it? Every move is monitored. Remember, faceless computer geeks with little human interaction are programming and analyzing children, and for what kind of future? What could go wrong? No worries, Chandler Unified is here to help and will enlist a state agency. More government, more meddling.

On January 25, 2022, the Arizona House Education Committee heard bill HB2178 which will provide an exemption for school psychologists for licensure requirements. In the testimony, it was discussed there is a current ratio of one psychologist for every 1300 students. They feel the ratio should be one for every 500 students. Nobody asked why the need is increasing. Thanks to Representative John Fillmore for the only No vote on this bill. There will likely be many more attempts to ease the requirements to be around children as community schools take hold under the watchful eye of the Senator Mesnard.

The reality is this: The increase in assessments will not be able to be done by teachers, they don’t have time. So children will be put on a device, maybe alone in a room, and the assessments and surveys will be done electronically. That is better for those who are data mining. Currently in the Whole Child program in Ohio, there are six state agencies doing these assessments starting at birth, and there are 21 federal agencies involved. Who are all of these people who have their gloves on the kids in Ohio?

These assessments will move into “Telehealth” without parent approval. Isn’t it ironic Telehealth became popular during Covid? Hmmm…….it must be just a coincidence, right? Once an agency is involved, it’s a financial windfall for them. Here is an email we received recently.

This is an example of a financial windfall for the agencies. We are told if students can just come out as LGBTQXYZ their problems will be solved. Evidently not. In fact, it appears many have addiction problems. Why is that? Government is creating more problems so bureaucracies can partner with agencies to keep the money flowing. Here is the link from the email above, it sure is fancy!

LGBTQIA+ Friendly Drug Rehab Facilities (drugrehabus.org)

The Whole Child/Community School plan has its origins at the United Nations. We will soon have a whole generation of parents who don’t know how to parent. As far as the children, the regular assessments and exposure to situations they aren’t ready for act as PTSD on a child. It’s a good thing the Community School model will be in place for the children’s mental health needs when these kids can no longer function due to Community Schools.

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