Mesa Public Schools Offer All Kinds of Sexual Learning for Students (and Teachers)

The perverts who are the curriculum decision makers leave no stones unturned. They are at every level in a school district, from governing board to superintendent to administration, to teachers, to librarians, and back and forth. Since Mesa City Council recently allowed men in girls bathrooms and women’s shelters, we assumed it wouldn’t be long until these same policies permeated Mesa Public Schools (MPS), the largest school district in Arizona.

The table is already set in MPS because the district has purchased library data bases which promote transgender as normal, abortion, sex ed for all ages, and on and on. If and when the bathroom issues come to fruition in the district, the loud minority will get their way, accusing any girl who does not want to share the bathroom with a guy as homophobic, a religious zealot, and a hater. And the Governing Board will go along with it so the members aren’t called homophobic, a religious zealot, or a hater.

So what is going on in the Mesa Schools online libraries? We took a shot at Mountain View High School, a nice suburban campus in northeast Mesa. Once in the school’s website, click on Academics, then Library to begin your search. We will also screenshot in case these links are removed.

As a bonus, we pointed out the AZ State Databases which we have covered in the past. Wonderful, the students (and teachers) have two ways to access obscene material. The family of data bases are visible once the link is accessed.

Again, the purple arrow brings readers to DAZL, the State of Arizona online data bases.

Once the student clicks on EBSCO, he or she will need a password and user ID to access the data bases. Presto, EBSCO is accessed, and the fun begins, so to speak.

When a student or teacher enters EBSCO’s Explora, all they need to type is a few key words and a whole other world awaits them. Parents who are making sure their children are learning about and the value of marriage based on science and commitment will be shattered to learn what goes on during online “learning”. Look what loads after typing in “Sexual Positions.”

Cover your eyes for this screenshot. We apologize in advance.

These images are a small fraction of what your children can access, not just in Mesa Public Schools, but all over Arizona and the country. As EBSCO feels pressure, they often move some of the worst material down in the searches. What happens is the child sex ed industry finds other data bases for their material. EBSCO has made the latest National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s Dirty Dozen list and it is a well-deserved honor. At 11:32 of this video, EBSCO gets its name in lights. And here is another video, focusing on EBSCO and the company’s deceit. We have screenshotted the 2021 winners in case Big Tech comes along.

Take note almost all of the Dirty Dozen winners are online businesses, and it is no coincidence the bad guys in charge of the pandemic and school closures want to keep your children on their devices to further exploit them.

How are EBSCO and other questionable data bases getting into Mesa Public Schools? Stay tuned, we will be following up with more. In the meantime, to our readers who recite The Lord’s Prayer at home or in church, do the words “And Lead Us Not Into Temptation” mean to anything to you?

3 thoughts on “Mesa Public Schools Offer All Kinds of Sexual Learning for Students (and Teachers)

  • October 3, 2023 at 3:00 pm

    Interesting that this material has already “been taken down” from the website, at least it could not be found following your instructions. We also had some of our Media specialists investigate your claims. None of this stuff is actually available to students in Mesa, ‘any longer’. Was it ever, or is this another ploy your group resorts to when your message is terrible, like cutting down Yes For Mesa signs around town? Who does that stuff?

    • October 3, 2023 at 8:29 pm

      When was the material taken down? Was it taken down because the district was exposed or because the data bases were exposed? We screenshot many of the links for this exact reason, so there is proof of what we find.

      Who are the Media Specialists? When did they investigate? This post was written almost two and a half years ago, so there has been plenty of time to remove the obscene material. As a matter of fact, EBSCO, GALE, and other online data bases constantly move around or change material once they confirm the public is aware of obscene content. It’s an endless cat and mouse game.

      What group are you referring to? Campaign signs are being destroyed? That is illegal, please take photos for evidence and report it to authorities.

      Since the MEA (union) in Mesa is taking over governing board meetings so public comment is limited, we will keep an especially close eye on what is happening in the Mesa School District.

      Thanks for reading.

  • September 29, 2023 at 11:31 pm

    Wait until what you can find on google


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