Our Mission

The purpose of this website is to identify school districts, individual schools, school board members, and teachers who purposely invite Planned Parenthood and its perverse, immoral, and dangerous agenda into our childrens’ lives, all while we think our kids are safe at school.

Any school board member or candidate who sells out and accepts campaign donations, volunteers, or reaps any other political or financial benefit will be named here.  We ask anyone in the United States who knows this is occurring to let us know.

If a School District Superintendent chooses to allow Planned Parenthood or its agenda into his or her district, we will advertise it for them.  We want all to know the priorities of said Superintendent.  These individuals normally make good salaries; they owe their communities better than this.

Some states (Arizona is one) have laws on the books which protect our kids from this promiscuous agenda, but the laws are being broken.  Folks don’t know about the laws and administrators who do often ignore them.  Currently, a law is being broken in a school district just a few miles from where Arizona lawmakers enacted legislation to limit Planned Parenthood.  Instead the opposite is occurring.

Additionally, we will share the code words you can look for in your childrens’ biology/sex ed curriculum.  We will share Planned Parenthood’s devious tactics.  They continue to outdo themselves, so this is a fluid situation.

Planned Parenthood grooms candidates for school boards in conjunction with teachers unionsIf you see this occurring in your school or district, contact us.

If you need help fighting Planned Parenthood’s invasion into your child’s life, please let us know.  Plan for a wild, Pink ride.

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