How did I get here?

The quick answer is in December 2013, our local high school district, Tempe Union High School District (TUHSD) was rumored to have invited Planned Parenthood to teach Sex Ed in the upcoming year.

After making some inquiries to confirm this and also to request why the district wasn’t offsetting this pro-abortion business with an adoption center representative, it became clear we taxpayers were being mislead. And as TUHSD tried to defend itself, their representatives dug themselves deeper with lies and cover-ups.

The best piece of knowledge to come from the inquiry was Arizona SB1009, passed in April, 2012. But who knew about it? Are school districts in Arizona complying? Does Planned Parenthood’s curriculum options conform with this law?

Why Are You Picking on Planned Parenthood When They Do So Much Good?

Planned Parenthood masquerades as a “Womens’ Health” Organization.  They depend on abortions and taxpayer money to keep the doors open.

Although PP advertises otherwise, the more abortions they perform, the better.  That is why they have yearly abortion quotas and awards for facilities who exceed the quotas.

Due to terrific ultrasounds, our youth know there is a live baby in utero.  After all, they have pictures of themselves before birth in their baby books.  And the teens and college students know they are missing siblings and friends due to their parents’ abortion culture.

Because of this, Planned Parenthood must be sure to persuade them that sex and, thus, unintended pregnancies are to okay and to be expected.  And guess what, no need to contact your parents, because Planned Parenthood will take over from here on out.

Why does Planned Parenthood think it is their business to quiz Arizona school districts about the Sex Ed curriculum being taught?

PPAZ Response Form.pdf (108 KB)

Why else do they want “Comprehensive” Sex Ed in Kindergarten? 

Why do they have score cards for each school district in Arizona? 

PPAZ Report Card.pdf (126.7 KB)

Note the F grade for districts teaching abstinence until marriage.

Why do they bypass Arizona SB1009 and get away with it?


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