Fountain Hills School Health Fair and Local Maricopa Candidate Send Kids to LGBTQ Friendly Organizations

Without much fanfare, the public has now accepted there is no longer any division between a school building and children’s medical status. While political activists focused on bills in the Arizona Legislature and the office of the Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, local municipalities were quietly partnering with “health” organizations. We never thought of going to school for medical needs but the joke is on us, Whole/Community Schools ARE in Arizona and there may be no going back. On February 17th, the Town of Fountain Hills held a health fair inside McDowell Mountain Elementary School with the permission of the Fountain Hills School District.

While most of the vendors were benign, like physical therapy, a dentist, therapy animals, and physicians for example, one of the tables was very concerning, especially inside an elementary school. Young Minds Initiative (YMI) had a representative and handouts for the community. Evidently this rather new group was developed with leaders of the Town of Fountain Hills and it is using the magic words “mental health” to justify its existence. Certain words guilt Americans to go along and we have been coerced to talk about mental health all day everyday at school, work, NCAA events, church, city council meetings, etc. While the community blindly goes along with the Initiative, did anyone in Fountain Hills research who YMI’s community partners and resources are?

Young Minds Initiative is sending CHILDREN straight into the arms of LGBTQ sex organizations. We went to YMI’s website and it did not take long to figure out this Initiative develops then confirms a child’s sexual confusion. The more the merrier, then the network can grow. As the network grows, each organization can raise money and receive grants from the government. It’s a great gig.

We will drop in screenshots from Young Minds Initiative’s website. It is important to remember it’s not what organizations show us or tell us about themselves, it is what is behind the links in their websites. The devil is in the details has never been more true.

On the “About Us” page on the YMI website, there is a link to “Community Partners”. After clicking that, the reader will be led to many options. We are highlighting a few. One that caught our attention is “Zero Reasons”. (We insert links along with screenshots in case the organizations remove questionable content).

When clicking “Zero Reasons” there will be an option for “Crisis Resources“. From there the list includes the 988 Suicide Crisis Hotline, Teen Lifeline, and The Trevor Project, among others. Last year we covered the 988 Suicide Hotline deep in this post and wondered who they are sending kids to and what are they doing with the information. Also, in here we posted concerning information about Teen Lifeline. We need to address the Trevor Project since it is popping up everywhere. Many concerns are being shared about this organization which has labeled itself as advocates for LGBTQ youth.

Another Community Partner on YMI’s website is “Love is Respect”.

What is going on with this link? Look what pops up when “Love is Respect” is clicked.

The quick escape opportunities are for sneaking around parents. These anonymous phone friends are affirming gender confusion and telling the child it is okay to transition or be gay. This organization and many others we are sharing are allowing a child to self-diagnose. The “trusted adults” are also diagnosing, so there are many problemic layers to peel back as the Young Minds Initiative normalizes sexual perversion.

Back to Young Minds Initiative’s front page, click on “General Resources“. As of this writing, the Bark App, Bloom365, and One N Ten are some of the resources listed.

The Bark App has been touted by a local mental health activist who makes a living off selling it. Again, we covered this last year around this time as some in the Arizona Legislature were wowed by the product. We are not trying to toot our own horn about these previous posts, but these same organizations keep slithering around while new ones pop up acting as if they are the best thing since sliced bread. Did it ever occur to anyone we have more and more mental health organizations and proposed solutions, yet the crisis is worsening? Just like public education, throwing more money and resources at a problem often only makes it worse, especially if that money or organization is tied to any government in any way.

Bloom365 seems to be more prevalent on the west side of Phoenix, however the group has had a presence in the cities of Chandler, Phoenix, and Tempe. One N Ten exists to sexually groom youth. It is a well-funded “charity” with lots of connections. That is a project for another post. Again, One N Ten is another source where kids are encouraged to self-diagnose.

While we are on the subject of these various mental health/suicide groups, there is a tie with a current Maricopa County candidate. Gina Godbehere is running for County Attorney. She runs a consortium called Speak Up Stand Up Save a Life. Like the others, she is trying to save youth from suicide. For that reason, we commend her. However, her charity has also partnered with many of the same LGBTQ-affirming-behind-parents’-backs cliques we have listed above.

Ms. Godbehere is also pushing Social Emotional Learning, the big umbrella for sexualizing children and abortion. In a recent tweet, she explained her motives.

Trusted adult? Did she research the charities her organization lists as partners?

Another group listed under Young Minds Initiative’s Community Partners is Pinnacle Peak Recovery.

When Pinnacle is accessed through the “Additional Resources” link, this website pops up. Scroll way to the bottom and as of today, here is none other than former state Senator Tony Navarrete.

Who is this trusted adult? Navarrete is currently in trial in Maricopa Superior Court for molesting his teenage nephews. Whether or not he is convicted, Uncle Tony admitted as much in audio tapes heard in court. Here is more from Pinnacle Peak Recovery. The organization supports men in girls bathrooms.

Suicide has been around a very long time. Sadly the numbers do appear to be getting worse. What has changed? How about family time without a phone or device? How about no phones or tablets for children? How about books and chalkboards in classrooms, and no devices? How about exercise and playing outside with friends? And here’s a stretch… about a return to Sunday mornings with God?

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