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I am like you.  I am a parent (my children are grown).  I am a taxpayer.   I vote.   I go to work.  I come home,  and dabble in a few interests.

I was involved with my kids’ education.  I helped them with homework.  I chauffeured them to school functions.  I went to every curriculum night.  EVERY curriculum night.   For each child.

But I didn’t ask questions, or at least the questions that mattered.  I didn’t really look at the textbooks. Those shiny, beautiful  books sitting at each desk with the colorful pictures…..I leafed through them, that was all.  I trusted the district.  I trusted the teachers and administration.  Why not?  I graduated from a school in the same district and I turned out okay.

Fast forward to December of 2013:  A friend quietly mentioned to me my local high school district was inviting Planned Parenthood to teach Sex Education.  What did he say?  Planned Parenthood?  That place we know is nearby but we don’t talk about it because something about them just isn’t right.  And it’s personal.  And that conversation is divisive.  And we don’t want to judge.  And if I say anything they’ll just say I am old-fashioned.

But our kids… Planned Parenthood is the best we can offer our children?  Sex Education, or let me clarify, “Comprehensive Sex Education” is what my district will be known for?

Remember the word Comprehensive”.

All of us, even our children, know something is not right in our culture.  So what do we do about it and where is it coming from?  So far what we have done subconsciously is we let it occur.  I am as guilty as the next person.

I may have continued to look the other way until that December when I questioned a district official about Planned Parenthood’s invitation.  I was immediately lied to in an email from her and that opened my eyes.

Why did she lie?  Once the first lie occurred, the lies from the school district snowballed.  In very little time, the next lie was from another district representative.  Soon there was a lie from the Superintendent.  What was going on?  Were they hiding something?

Why does Planned Parenthood use our children and mislead adults to push its agenda in TAXPAYER-FUNDED buildings and with TAXPAYER-FUNDED teachers?

If you think this is just about the Tempe Union High School District, stay in touch.  Planned Parenthood is everywhere in your child’s life, especially when you are not looking.

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