Arizona Government Agencies Funded to Stalk Children

Recently a group of child predators disguised as advocates of foster children held an online meeting to share tips to affirm childrens’ sexual confusion. “Ally as a Verb Not a Noun” met on January 18, 2024. The trans symbol in the corner and the pronouns listed by each participant indicate this group is only about sex.

The premise of foster programs is good and necessary in some cases. However, foster programs have morphed into an opportunity for “trusted adults” to have access to children with no parents around. Our tax money is paying for adults to manipulate children who then become vulnerable due to the actions of the government itself. The result in some cases is the child wants separation from his or her parents.

While the Arizona Legislature has passed laws putting boundaries on when sexual material can be shared with children in schools, there are still too many opportunities for the “caretakers” in the room to cross the line and share adult material with kids. Here is a little bit about Currey Cook who was one of the leaders on the zoom meeting–he lives and breathes LGBTQ kids. How does he stay in business? He needs more LGBTQ kids to present in a vulnerable situation so they can be carted off to the foster system.

Once the child is confused, and who wouldn’t be when the adults in the room encourage them to accept lies or criticize the religion and values parents have in the home, they often feel estranged from their parents. Of course, parents are surprised that little Johnny went to the neighborhood union school and eventually thinks he would like to be Joanie. Mom and Dad push back and are also confused about these developments, Johnny feels the angst, and then reaches out to some perverted counselor at school who befriends him and affirms whatever he says. Once the counselor hears Mom and Dad aren’t happy with Johnny dressing as Joanie, the child may feel he is unwanted and needs to enter the government foster system to be protected.

The secret GSA clubs (Gay-Straight Alliance or Gender Sexuality Alliance) assist the student with pronoun usage and also act as a bridge to the school counselor who will affirm whatever the child wants. In Mesa, Arizona, the school district is being sued for secretly transitioning students. This isn’t a fluke, the system is now set up against the family and don’t think your children are okay because they are not enrolled in Mesa. No school employee loves a child more than a parent does. How dare anyone in any district step into the shoes of the parent; those who think they should have a devious agenda.

The participants in the online meeting above referred to The Trevor Project. We posted links in our previous post which lay out serious concerns with The Trevor Project. Ally is a Verb Not a Noun referred to the The Trevor Project several times. “Mental Health” grabs people’s attention, but instead of encouraging kids to be kids and not sexual objects, The Trevor Project projects an adult problem on minors.

Where did The Trevor Project get the data from these surveys? Were parents informed if the survey was at school? If the survey was administered at school, what academic subject was cut short to ask kids about their sexuality?

What does The Trevor Project do with this data after it is analyzed? Maybe ask the Federal Government. Here is a recent post from the US Department of Health and Human Services regarding the Alphabet Mafia funding and collecting data on children.

The Trevor Project receives large sums of money from the United States government. These LGBTQ organizations likely could not make it on their own, especially now that there are so many of them. In the real world, there can only be a certain amount of McDonald’s at each corner or the market is saturated. It is impossible these multiple organizations which are increasing exponentially and overlap have not saturated the natural market. Every year, the lazy Vanguard/Blackrock-owned media tells us the country will fall apart if the next Omnibus bill is not passed. What they don’t tell us are the real negotiations going on behind the scenes. Check out the $7.2 million designated towards LGBTQ shenanigans in the 2022 Omnibus bill. Check and see if your Republican Congressman voted for this Omnibus.

And there it is, the 988 Suicide hotline many think will be the answer to kids’ problems. With this much money flowing into the organizations who really thinks they want to solve anything?

Nothing like exploiting young people and guess what, we are paying for it!

Here are the 2022 financials from The Trevor Project.

There is a reason 988 sends kids to strangers who are sympathetic towards chopping off childrens’ private parts. The charade must continue.

The University of Arizona was recently awarded a boatload of money so more sexual parasites can mooch off the government. Check out this headline from 12News.

The University of Arizona has been in the news often lately for its huge budget deficit. It seems the priority of governments is accomodating sexuality, not necessarily fiscal responsibility. Notice an irresponsible government school was rewarded with more money by the irresponsible government so the school can continue to be irresponsible.

Spectrum+ was one of the designees of the funds, so what is the Spectrum+ program? This parasite organization grooms minors to become LGBTQ. In other words, this organization confirms to minors they should cut their private parts off if they feel like it while loaded up with hormones for the remainder of their lives, because hey, it’s authentic.

Notice children as young as 15 are allowed to attend Spectrum+ meetings in the taxpayer funded University of Arizona library. The introduction page indicates youth as young as 13 are allowed in the program, though. Parents have to sign an opt-in form for sex ed in school so this is how these perverts are circumventing the system. Are we to assume discussing and encouraging children to sexually transition is safe? Where are the police? It appears state laws are being broken.

Check out the interview process a kid goes through with Spectrum+.

After affirming whatever the child wants to hear, Spectrum+ has a Community Resource Navigation resource to help with basic necessities for the child. In other words: “Your parents aren’t going to be happy, kid. We’re your friends now. We know best. We are here to help.” When there is legal trouble, Currey Cook from Lambda Legal will take over (and make some money).

The staff at Spectrum+ is also questionable. One staff member doubles as a drag performer.

Another spends her extra time at a special place near the U of A campus when she’s not grooming kids in the classroom. How is she getting into classrooms?

Eon youth lounge is another opportunity to brainwash the youth of Tucson. They get to learn how to start a gay/trans sex club at school. Aftewards, Eon also helps with necessities chidren may need. Even if the youth who attend have a supportive family, Eon, Currey Cook and Company, Spectrum+, The Trevor Project, and many others all lure kids by providing items they already receive at home from parents. They gradually take over the role of the family. This is sexual grooming at its finest!

Spectrum+ awards participants which lures them deeper into the program and into the arms of strangers who use them sexually.

The other benefactor of the grooming grant money to the University of Arizona is “The Southwest Institute for Research on Women”. How did the world survive without these reckless institutions? Here are two of the Institute’s projects that you are paying for.

Arizona is now occupied by sexual groomers at every turn and paid for by you, the taxpayer. These organizations are confusing children to the point they don’t know who they are anymore. Children in Arizona are being slowly stolen from their parents and families, and those who speak up are designated as haters and religious bigots. Politics won’t save the children, only their parents can.

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