Arizona Education Officials Attended an SEL Conference Held in Portland

The Communist Whole/Community School philosophy is alive and well in Arizona despite efforts from parents and concerned citizens to stop its implementation. Sadly, it is already a runaway train with tentacles reaching from the overbearing federal government to Arizona’s Department of Education, Arizona State University, and all the way into local districts. Last year we wrote about the pipeline from ASU’s liberal Fulton Teachers College to Mesa Public School District (MPS). More recently we questioned why Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne is sitting on the board of WestEd, a left-leaning organization which researches and guides education policy, among other things. This screenshot is from the “About Us” link on WestEd’s site.

We appreciate Superintendent Horne’s response to us after our post was published.

However, the Superintendent’s role doesn’t appear to be quite that simple. WestEd is a cover for Social Emotional Learning. At this point, is is very hard for the average citizen to keep up with the policymakers and think tanks within Big Education. Are students learning anything at the colleges of education within our universities anymore? We know they are learning about LGBTQ and feelings, but are these overpriced institutes of higher learning teaching those enrolled how to teach? If think tanks must creep into education in order to do it right, then let’s quit funding the colleges of education at ASU, The University of Arizona, and Northern Arizona University as a start. Seriously though, how about the colleges of education get back to teaching how to teach and then we can keep rogue organizations like WestEd out of our state?

Marginalized children are always used as a source of income for government, and now consultants and policymakers are are doing the same for personal gain. The focus used to be low income families. Now Big Ed can find just about any reason to label a child “marginalized”. That way dollars from the federal government spigots can be turned on full force.

The Arizona Department of Education has had at least a couple visits from a WestEd official since Superintendent Horne took his oath in January of 2023. A public records request resulted in this visit by Kate Wright, a regional director of WestEd.

We are waiting for an update from ADE as we have been told Ms. Wright was seen in the building at least one other time in 2023. Is it required that WestEd has such a presence in the education of Arizona’s kids? Ms. Wright was employed by the previous Superintendent of Public Instruction, Kathy Hoffman. Hoffman was best known for her QChat links on ADE’s website and for encouraging sexual grooming through professional development. Kate Wright was scheduled to spend February 7-10, 2024 in Portland, Oregon at an ESEA conference.

There it is, disadvantaged students. Weren’t just about all students disadvantaged after having the schoolhouse doors shut on them during Covid?

What is ESEA? Read all about it here, its origins go back to President Lyndon Johnson and it has been continued until now by both Republican and Democrat presidents. Below is an overview from the ESEA website.

The federal government is pusing equity curriculum. What is written in the description sounds nice but we will go deeper into the ESEA website a bit later. Note the statewide assessments. We used to think of course, they need to assess student proficiency. But with bloated government on every level and the tracking of devices, we know assessment leads to data mining. What is the government really doing with all this information? And how long does the government keep this data? Finally, the federal government is pushing preschool. Tempeans fell for the “Tempe Free Pre” pilot program (which means forever in government speak) years ago. Government preschool is the embryo of Whole/Community Schools, where kids are in a government building all day and parents get to borrow their children at night to put them to bed.

Ms. Wright, Region 15 Director for WestEd, had some company at her Portland conference. One of the Arizona Department of Education”s long-time employees was a speaker.

Back to the ESEA website, the organization produces webinars and videos, and also posts links to updates. Here is a screenshot of a video that had been available. It is more equity and culture word salad.

The best way to data mine students and families so the information can be shared with who knows who is to equip everyone with wifi. Why can’t kids ride a bus without access to apps and links that can be harmful? ESEA thinks wifi for kids everywhere is a good idea.

Mental Health once again. Not Academic Health. The money is in Mental Health.

There was another Arizona official who participated in the Portland ESEA Conference last week. While Mesa Public Schools was dealing with an addition to the lawsuit against the district for sexually transitioning a student without her parents knowing, the social justice MPS Superintendent had just attended the four-day event.

Some glowing articles were published when Dr. Fourlis was hired as superintendent. Here is a link to an article. Below is a screenshot of one of the paragraphs. She warned Mesa she supports Social Emotionl Learning, now we see the results.

Does Dr. Fourlis believe students’ well-being is simply affirming them? In this article, Dr. Fourlis steps over the boundaries of an educator.

Let’s get this straight. Dr. Fourlis wants to love the students and create a family environment. Yes, we are all to love one another. but what kind of love is she talking about when she states the “students needed more from her than an education”? Educators should not be getting this close to children, it is how grooming starts whether she sees it or not.

In April, Dr. Andi Fourlis will be a speaker at another conference. This one is the ASU+GSV Summit. This is wonderful news for Mesa families. While MPS is tracking the transitioning of students, Dr. Fourlis is prepping for a conference with Arizona State and Global Silicon Valley. What will she do with all that data?

Back to the Arizona Department of Education, more Whole/Community Schools seeds were planted yesterday when Superintendent Horne announced a partnership with Dr. Mehmet Oz.

No wonder Dr. Oz was tapped to run for a federal office, he is pushing Whole/Community Schools. It is not the duty of a school to focus on health and wellness. This is exactly how “mental health” counselors wormed their way into our children’s lives. HealthCorps is a red flag we won’t dive into here, but it’s safe to say it is another example of follow the money. Superintendent Horne, most of these people aren’t taking on mental health and other youth challenges from the goodness of their hearts. There is a lot of money to be made so an industry has been created. Here is a screenshot from the linked AP article about Dr. Oz and HealthCorps.

It is imperative we stop the Whole/Community Schools engagement immediately. The concept puts additional individuals we know nothing about in our kids’ lives. Just today we learned Fake Black Woman Rachel Dolezal changed her name and was hired at Catalina Foothills School District for an after school garden club. The problem? She has a OnlyFans account where she is barely dressed and discusses sexual acts according to this article by Arizona Daiy Independent.

Let’s get back to traditional teaching of traditional subjects. We elected an alternative to the progressive, sexualized Kathy Hoffman so we expect better. Mesa Schools were once a top district in a city founded by members of the LDS church who embrace family values. What we are currently doing is not working. More money does not equal better results. Arizona officials, please stop following the money and start teaching academics.

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