Paradise Valley High School Groomer Counselor Receives Award During School “Counselor” Week

It is National School Counselor Week and there is a festive conference taking place in the Ft. McDowell area. We were told February is Black History Month, but somehow Big Education was allowed to squeeze in a few special days for those who have a unique role with children. The conference was packed with busy break out sessions and several speakers, including this keynote speaker.

The Arizona School Counselor Association (AzSCA) admits in this bio that school counselors are no longer employed as guidance counselors to help students navigate their way to college or a career. No, the counselor’s role is now strictly Social Emotional Learning, a huge umbrella for Whole/Community Schools, which is another umbrella for radical sex education and LGBTQ curriculums taking place inside union-run government schools.

One would think the Paradise Valley’s principal would stay clear of controversy, but unfortunately the AzSCA has shone a spotlight on Paradise Valley High School once again. And the district is proud of it! Counselor Mariah Reed-Brown received the Rising Star award this week.

To prove AzSCA’s goal, the organization recognized several folks for their accomplishments. One in particular is an interesting choice since she works at the same high school where a fellow teacher recently was caught in a relationship with a student. According to the Arizona Daily Independent, the now-deceased chemistry teacher sometimes picked up girls at their homes and took them school, jobs, and basketball practice. This is how grooming begins.

What does Mr. Deonise have going on at Paradise Valley High School?

The lack of boundaries between adults and children in academic settings is inexcusable. Is it educators pushing the envelope or are parents just lazy and allowing it?

Ms. Reed-Brown’s social media is concerning. Is the photo below the lasting impact Mr. Deonise refers to?

Is Ms. Reed-Brown, presumably a female, dressing as a man?

What is the new chapter Ms. Reed-Brown refers to below? Is she female while growing a little beard?

For laughts and giggles, let’s pretend a student really, really wants some academic guidance. Let’s assume there are one or two Paradise Valley students who want to review the best path to the college of their dreams. Is this counselor prepared to help them? Note she is certified through the Arizona Department of Education, but that does not reflect a counselor’s skills or goals.

This tweet explains certification vs. licensing.

Here is more from Ms. Reed-Brown’s social media.

It is not hard to read between the lines in the LinkedIn biography below.

Perhaps it is time for parents to not only meet the teachers at Curriculum Night, but also the full staff, including all the counselors, social workers, and psychologists at each campus. Since Social Emotional Learning is embedded in every student’s school day, at some point many of the children (purposely) will end up confused or act out and will be sent to a counselor to work through their issues.

The amount of sexually confused adults in education is not an accident, they know where they have an audience.

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