LGBTQXXXXX,inc. and Arizona Lawmakers

The Arizona House Education Committee hearing on the afternoon of January 25, 2022 was a disgusting display of smut and wickedness, beyond what anyone could have imagined. Unfortunately the bills which were written to protect kids were instead used to demonize parents and provide a public platform for one state representative’s sex life.

But here we are. Somehow Tucsonans elected a single male with no kids (no skin in the education game) who can’t be criticized because he is gay and Hispanic. This is the same Daniel Hernandez who once held a seat on Sunnyside School District’s governing board. What interest does a young single guy have in policy development for schools? We are always told “It’s for the children.” Yes, it sure is. We no longer have to think real hard what policies Representative Hernandez covets “for the children.”

Three parents’ rights bills thankfully passed out of the Arizona House Education Committee hearing on Tuesday:

HB2161 deals with parents’ rights to their children’s records.

HB2439 addresses parental access and review of school library materials.

HB2495 prohibits sexually explicit material in schools (but not necessarily in an Arizona Legislative committee hearing.)

It’s hard to disagree with parents who would like access to their child’s medical records. But if your mind is in the gutter, it’s a joy to challenge parents when they wish to protect their kids from offensive material WHILE IN A CLASSROOM. Maybe Hernandez’s fellow legislators are a bit immune to the schoolboy sex acts of their colleagues since many have worked with at least a couple classless individuals the last few years. There is Representative Diego Rodriguez, the resident porn tweeter. And at the top of the pervert list is Representative Daniel Hernandez’s friend and colleague Tony Navarette.

Despite being his 32nd birthday, Representative Hernandez acted like a schoolboy as he used every opportunity to share his LGBTQ lifestyle during testimony. Memo to Hernandez: Nobody cares who you get your kicks from. Leave it at home, don’t bring it to work with you. It’s immature and has nothing to do with the bills being heard. Start acting like a grown-up.

As speakers confidently spoke about responsibilities to their families, Representative Hernandez continually asked which stakeholders they might represent. It was a continual game of gotcha as he waited to hear if any were affiliated with a pro-family organization, like that is a crime. Well, let’s ask Daniel Hernandez who HIS stakeholders are.

Representative Hernandez’s first political office was on the Sunnyside School District governing board. In 2016, he ran successfully for the Arizona Legislature out of Tucson and has not lost a race since. He is currently running for Congress. For these reasons, he has many pages of donations to sift through. We highlighted just a few so we know who Hernandez is beholden to. First, for campaigning as man who represents the little guy, look at his almost $200,000 in donations from 2016.

Representative Hernandez, the only good thing about the mask worn during the House Education Committee hearing on Tuesday was it muffled some of your words. The rest of us are wondering do you wear a dirty rag on your face so that various “healthcare” donors can keep the Covid fear and funds coming through their financial systems?

Linda Hunt is just retiring from her position as president of Dignity Health.

Peter Fine is still president of Banner Health.

Robert Meyer is the CEO of Phoenix Children’s Hospital. PCH has an excellent reputation, except the hospital has gone down the transgender surgery route. Not only is this devastating for the families involved, especially the children, the decision leads to a lifetime of dependence on the pharmaceutical industry.

How about a well-know Big Pharma PAC, and keep pushing the shot on Arizonans while you’re at it.

There are numerous healthcare PACs to choose from in Hernandez’s repertoire, here are just a couple.

There are pages and pages of ActBlue donations in Daniel Hernandez’s campaign financial reports. We have included just a few so as not to bore our readers. We previously shared what ActBlue represents, which means Representative Hernandez has the same stakeholders.

In 2016, Daniel Hernandez endorsed a ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana in Arizona. Could this hefty donation just be a coincidence?

Of course, we can’t forget the financial support Daniel Hernandez gets from Planned Parenthood the organization which sells body parts for profit among other nefarious activities.

In this clip, Representative Daniel Hernandez complains about his sexual community and its representation in schools or lack thereof. Has he stepped into a public school lately? Has he looked at the Arizona Department of Education website? His community is quite authoritative and somehow regulates everyone else’s curriculum. (His mask came off at the end of the hearing, don’t tell the hospital CEO donors).

At the same hearing, Secular Arizona’s (again, thanks for the mask so the words were muffled) Jeanne Casteen talks about the importance of “diverse” literature. Is she the gatekeeper for the all the children in public schools? If she wants her kids to read obscene material at home, go for it. Leave the rest of the families alone.

If Casteen passed out this same obscene material to minors as they walked home from school she would be arrested, so why should these same books be accessible to children in a school library without their parents’ consent? Maybe this is why:

CRAZY: MSNBC Says Kids Don’t Belong To Their Parents – YouTube

It’s good to know Secular Arizona is one of Representative Hernandez’s stakeholders. Let’s get everything out on the table.

In order to defend sex-crazed Daniel Hernandez, Paul Bixler, Governing Board member of Liberty School District in Buckeye, asked what parents are afraid of. Well, Paul, you’re an old guy wearing a dress, a bald spot, and a necklace AND you’re making policy for little kids. There are lots of concerns!

So that Arizona List isn’t criticized for not applying “equity” all around (the organization normally endorses pro-abortion female candidates for office), they threw their endorsement behind a man who supports abortion.

What are we afraid of? Lunacy corrupting the minds of our vulnerable children. The well-funded alphabet agenda seeks to normalize the immoral, immature, and self-gratifying through the vulnerable, marginalized, and sympathetic in our community.

Thank you to Representatives Nguyen, Fillmore, Udall, Diaz, Blackman, and John for maturity and common sense on Tuesday. Stay strong.

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