Arizona: Merrick Garland’s Panorama is Here and it’s Top Down

Every since Attorney General Merrick Garland accused parents, and by the way the group of people who pay his salary, of being “domestic terrorists”, much has surfaced about his connections. Quickly we learned his son-in-law has a financial interest in a questionable curriculum which surveys students and school staff known as Panorama Curriculum. It turns out at least a few school districts in Arizona are associated with Panorama. However, it might be more.

First we will lay out many emails from the curriculum director at Creighton Elementary School District. Keep in mind Creighton is closely tied with Planned Parenthood and feeds into Phoenix Union High School District. We do want to thank Creighton for a few things: They responded quickly to our requests. They also provide the information we request in a manner that doesn’t cost us a dime. That is appreciated. The emails embedded in this post are merely to share with fellow Arizonans to let them know we are pretty tight with Merrick Garland’s family of data miners.

This recent video uncovered loads of information about Panorama in North Carolina. There will be overlap to what is occurring in Arizona.

There are many references to ELEVATE; it is related to Panorama.

Look at the email from the Arizona Department of Education to Creighton. These emails lay out the launch into Panorama Surveys.

Notice the list of employees at the Arizona Department of Education who are being used for these programs, and this doesn’t include those behind the scenes we don’t of. How much is this costing taxpayers?

So glad Serena told her audience she’s female. This is representative of the mess that is the Arizona Department of Education. Remember, it is all top down.

Remember when we were told students would have early release one afternoon each week for collaboration? Parents were under the impression it was to help their children’s academics.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is creighton-duppein-Elevate-1024x778.png

The following emails from the curriculum director at Creighton and fellow employees continue to tie Project ELEVATE to Panorama.

CASEL (mentioned in the above email) is another, yes another, very common Critical Race or Critical Theory curriculum in use right now. Phoenix Union uses CASEL, which makes sense since Creighton is a feeder district.

What happens as these programs are added to your child’s day? More personnel needs to be hired.

Drumroll, here are the results of the Panorama Survey………….

We have links of the questions asked and the results of these surveys that were conducted by the United States Attorney General’s family. The most important aspect of these surveys are the questions asked. We will publish those in an upcoming post.

The following are some additional screenshots of information we found in Creighton. Notice the 1619 project, this was from a school board meeting agenda.

Here is a reference to the Arizona School Board Association, which has more influence on children’s education right now than their own parents.

Finally, members of the Mesa Public Schools community should pay special attention to this email. We know Mesa is all about “equity”, even the teacher’s pay scale is affected by it.

In summary, it is likely Panorama Curriculum and Surveys is being used throughout the state. We have evidence of it in some additional districts and will pass more information along as soon as possible. If data mining by the federal government and classtime used to promote a race agenda are okay with you, nothing needs to be done. Arizonans who are closely following our upside-down country and how decisions in Washington, DC directly affect public education and corporate leadership may want to start asking some questions of your school board. Don’t worry, you’ll be in good company with the rest of the domestic terrorists who used to be referred to respectively as parents.

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