“EVERYLIBRARY” Really Means Expose Every Child to Obscene Material

It is no longer a surprise that whenever parents jump in to protect their minor children from adult entertainment, a multitude of well-funded organizations come to the rescue of the sex industry. How backwards is that?

Now that online library databases have been exposed, especially due to the increased amount of time students are spending on devices, the American Library Association and others with a financial interest have infiltrated family dynamics to protect their filth pimping. What would any opposition to tradition be without a benign sounding organization? “EveryLibrary” fits the bill. EveryLibrary is an organization to track, target, and oppose pro-family library legislation. How dare any parent tries to insulate their own children from adult material while in a public school!

At this point most parents haven’t heard of EveryLibrary, however it has its tentacles in Arizona. Just a few weeks ago, EveryLibrary posted an announcement about those pesky parents wanting to see what their kids are learning in school. Oh my!

Pay attention to the language these adults who want to sexualize your kids use to imply parents are the enemy.

Once a parent disagrees with shoving obscene material onto children in a school setting, the godless once again twist the English language to make parents the bad guys. Suddenly parents are accused of book banning. Where in the proposed Arizona bill does it say the books in question should be banned? Please show us. Employees and funders of EveryLibrary are free to purchase the books in question and share them with their own children. It’s kind of like Arizona parents who buy their own bibles and share them with their children in the home so as not to “offend” the godless.

In our last post, we expressed concern about the Whole Child or Community Schools concepts. As of right now, the Community School bill has not moved forward in the Arizona Legislature, but we can never take our eyes off this potential disaster. Well, well, well, look who else wants to be involved in your child’s health, part of the Community Schools model.

Who is behind this out-of-touch progressive group? According to the 2020 EveryLibrary annual report, two of the main culprits are none other than EBSCO and Gale, the online databases which have been under scrutiny the last several years (thanks to those pesky parents).

The EveryLibrary ties to EBSCO and Gale get even better. Two members of EveryLibrary’s Board of Directors actually work for these online databases. It’s a great gig if you can get it–get yourself a seat on a board which is tasked to protect your job.

Those with a commercial interest are organizing around the country to take down local parents who are trying to clean up their kids’ schools. Why is it always top down in a country whose Constitution begins “We the People”?

EveryLibrary is a partner of Red, Wine, and Blue, which maps legislation and disparages suburban women (more pesky parents, hopefully they aren’t White, also). Kudos to Red, Wine, and Blue, they have a map to quickly access those suburban women who love their children and support legislation to protect them.

Ironically, Red, Wine, and Blue spilled the beans about which media is feeding them information. Notice the quote from AZ Mirror, whose local reporters have never been especially fond of the concerns of suburban mothers.

This screenshot below shows the relationship between EveryLibrary and Red, Wine, and Blue. But wait, there’s more! Remember when #InvestinEd in Arizona was gathering signatures to put Proposition 208 on the ballot in 2020 to raise our taxes again? Who did they go to for help? “Stand for Children” is another friendly-sounding organization which has a lot of money and influence in Arizona. It is also a partner of the Red, Wine, and Blue organization which targets parents.

Here is a screenshot of the money behind Stand for Children.

In summary, too many organizations disguise themselves as pro-student, when in fact their main purpose is to drive a wedge between parents and children to take over the sexual and emotional development of children so as to create lifelong sex industry participants.

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