Maricopa County and “Collective Step For Youth”

We have plenty of levels of government to pay for and monitor in our daily lives, and taxpayers in the Phoenix area have the quiet but powerful Maricopa County government to round out the day.  This Board is comprised mainly of Republicans.  For those of you who think that is good, don’t be fooled.

We have been suggesting parents get involved in their local schools.  There have been reports around the country of school districts actually listening their community’s concerns and declining the use of some curricula, even radical sex ed agendas.  However, in Maricopa County, parents also need to be monitoring what their county government is doing behind their backs.

Collective Step for Youth” is a program supported by Maricopa County, Arizona.  Here is an email from Collective Step to an employee of Paradise Valley Schools.

Why is it that the Arizona Legislature passes legislation to protect our kids from Comprehensive Sex Ed, but these rules don’t appear to apply to Maricopa County?  They email school districts to advertise Planned Parenthood’s wares.

Here is what Maricopa County thinks they should be involved in, we are not sure why:

By now you know the terms “wellness policies and programs” and “healthy life skills” more often than not mean sex ed.

When scrolling through the Collective Step for Youth website, here is a sampling of what we found, all of which do not comply with Arizona law:

As noted above, The Office of Adolescent Health strikes again as does Advocates for Youth.

Here is a list of links to October activities:


The problem is a couple of these do not comply with Arizona law which states heterosexual relationships are to be taught as normal in Arizona pubic and charter schools.  (Isn’t it amazing we need legislation to tell us what is normal?)

Speaking of Arizona law, childbirth and adoption are to be taught as preferred over abortion in Arizona schools.  The problem with the following in the Collective Step for Youth newsletter being sent to schools is the information on IUDs:

Since IUDs do not allow a baby to implant in the uterus, it dies, thus it is an abortion.  And what exactly does the advertisement mean when it says “Your Body is Awesome” yet it props up a mechanism to alter a girl’s awesome body?

Of course the Office of Adolescent Health was noted in the newsletter we are citing.  That is where the money is coming from:

We shouldn’t be surprised Touchstone Behavior Health has its hand in the cookie jar.

The federal government is granting money to Maricopa County and our elected Board of Supervisors is approving these funds to various pro-child sex organizations who are allowed to advertise via email to Arizona public schools.  What could go wrong?

4 thoughts on “Maricopa County and “Collective Step For Youth”

  • December 29, 2017 at 11:17 am

    People say you are “closed minded”, “hate children” and “hate teachers”. Thanks for being the opposite of what you are being accused of; and thanks for standing up to those who truly are closed minded.

    • January 7, 2018 at 10:12 pm

      Eventually they will come around. Prayers for them. 🙂

      My family is full of teachers, from pre-school to college, and yes, some family members even work in administration.

  • December 16, 2017 at 10:53 am

    Ha ha – “No comments yet” it says, but truth is that you refuse to display comments of anyone who doesn’t agree completely with your opinions. I and several other teachers have proven this by submitting comments in opposition and comments reflecting minor disagreements… THANK GOODNESS our schools are not censured by such closed-minded people!!!!!

    • December 17, 2017 at 8:54 pm

      Not true. Look through the posts and there are comments approved and replied to. We approve them all as long as they are not spam or bad language.

      Actually, schools do censor the public on a regular basis. They only allow 2 or 3 minutes for public comment at Board meetings. They don’t allow the words “Christmas Vacation” on the calendar, instead white-washing the paid two weeks off as Winter Break.

      Let us know when Christians and Jews will get prayer time and prayer rooms designated in public schools instead of just the Muslim prayer arrangements currently allowed in some districts.

      Finally, this site is not paid for by any public money. Therefore, it is up to the person writing the check for this site what material is posted. If you are looking for non-medically accurate sex ed, check your local school district, they probably have it there.

      Otherwise, thanks for reading! If you are a teacher enjoy your Christmas Vacation, Happy Hanukkah if you are Jewish, and stay tuned for more news on this subject in the new year.

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