Maryland’s Creepy Library Gets Creepier

Last spring we shared with our readers a peculiar situation in a pubic library in Maryland.  The library was being used to teach kids sex ed, but their parents were not allowed to attend the classes.  A local parent questioned the library about the material and the background of the instructor but got nowhere.  Even the local Catholic churches retreated and offered little support.

Thankfully, the local parent who alerted us and a few other taxpayers has not let the matter drop.  The situation has gotten more intense and the government is now bullying those in opposition to the library.

Now for the bullying.  Mrs. Kijesky has submitted a Freedom of Information request of the public library commission.  Instead of complying, she was slapped with a $1600 fee and told the request was a burden.  Nothing like discouraging transparency.

Libraries get away with exposing kids to porn and sex, whether their parents consent or not, because most states have obscenity exemption laws.  If an adult stands across the street from a school and shows a child obscene material, he would be arrested.  However, if the child checks out the same obscene material from a public library, there are no laws broken in 44 states.  The library staff keeps their jobs.

Keep an eye on Maryland’s library situation at  Also, check with your state and see if yours has an obscenity exemption law to protect the public libraries instead of your kids.


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