Arizona’s Department of Child Safety Website Sends Children to Planned Parenthood

Once more in Arizona we have found another state website loaded with controversial links, and of course, one of the links sends readers directly to Planned Parenthood.  Ironically, several years ago Arizona’s Child Protective Services department was renamed Department of Child Safety (DCS).  The rebrand was to be a fresh start among other things.  We must ask the state how sending kids to Planned Parenthood is a safe venture for children?

When visiting the DCS website, the questionable links don’t jump right out at the reader.  But in the search bar in the upper right hand corner, type “teen resources” and here is what will come up.

Click the brown “Teen Resources” link and a long list of links will pop up.  That is where the dangerous connections are embedded.

This Planned Parenthood link takes readers right to Planned Parenthood’s main page, where users can enter their zip code and the site will drive them to their nearest Planned Parenthood facility’s page to schedule an appointment.  Here are seven locations that loaded when the zip code 85001 was entered. Notice the offices are called “Health Centers” but in small print they say “Operated by Planned Parenthood.”  Here is a screenshot:

Why does the government of Arizona feel sending children to a Planned Parenthood facility is safe and will solve their problems?  Most likely these links have been on DCS’s website for years.  That begs the question, how did all this get started?  Who in our government decided Planned Parenthood should be a go-to agency?

Of course, if Planned Parenthood is around GLSEN can’t be far behind.  We have been covering GLSEN spreading its poison into Arizona schools.  Now we see they have the help of our state taxes (again) to target kids from another angle.

We wrote about Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services recently.  While the agency sounds responsible, it has other goals.  Read about it here.

Another disturbing link on the Arizona DCS teen resources section is Advocates for Youth.  Briefly, this is a front for SIECUS, Planned Parenthood, Comprehensive Sex Ed, GLSEN, and any other perversion that kids should not be exposed to.  We will be covering Advocates for Youth in more detail in the coming months.

For now, here is an Advocates for Youth brochure.  Remember all the topics the Arizona Legislature has legislated against in Arizona schools?  No problem, just go on the Department of Child “Safety” website and your kid will find all sorts of fun activities.  Remember Arizona schools must have parents sign opt-in forms for sex ed?  Again, no problem.  DCS’s website will teach them how to put on a condom, tell them they have a right to have sex, and also advise them to get a vaccine so they can “safely” have more sex.  But wait, there is more!  The Advocates for Youth brochure sends youth to:

And it gets better.  Advocates for Youth gives teens tips as to how to access Planned Parenthood “services” without telling their parents.

(If these kids can get a reduced rate and pay cash, why are they demanding free birth control?)

Any family who wants to teach their children morals and ethics is out of luck in Arizona.  Does Governor Ducey know what is on the websites for which he is responsible?  The Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction is cleaning up her department’s website.  Will Arizona’s governor follow in her footsteps?


2 thoughts on “Arizona’s Department of Child Safety Website Sends Children to Planned Parenthood

  • June 2, 2017 at 12:18 pm

    I am so glad that the state of Arizona is providing teen with the resources they may need to take care of their sexual health. It is even better that they are giving them a link to resources that explain their rights to access reproductive health care. Those laws were made for a reason and teens should be aware of the laws. I love that they explained how teens can help make their visit confidential if the need it. Could you imagine if a teen had parents who were sexually abusing them, and a teen got impregnated because of incest and rape, and the parents found out that they sought help for a pregnancy at a planned parenthood. Those parents could harm that poor girl even more. So amazing there are safe places for teens to go and we have laws in place to keep it private and confidential. Thank you Arizona Department of Child Safety!

    • June 3, 2017 at 2:40 pm

      Sending Arizona children to dangerous links like Planned Parenthood actually flies in the face of laws passed regarding sex ed in Arizona schools. It makes no sense to protect children in a school building, but the same state gives kids a sex/abortion free-for-all on its own website. Which is it, Arizona?

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