Maricopa County Partners Again with Planned Parenthood, Paradise Valley Schools Caught in the Middle

Many families move to Arizona for fewer taxes, smaller government, and common sense family values.  While escaping non-affordable housing elsewhere in the country, they can enjoy the weather (most of the time) and wise decision-making by their elected officials.  Sometimes.

We have discussed the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, the 5-member elected panel who represents the interests of the county’s taxpayers in the Phoenix area, and the panel’s approval of Planned Parenthood programs in the budget.  The members have been contacted, but there has been almost no response to these concerns.  Meanwhile, they keep collecting salaries paid for by us.

It turns out the Paradise Valley Unified School District is using some questionable links from Maricopa County emails to share with each other and possibly their students.

Here is an email from a district employee referring to the Teen Resource Guide.  The guide sounds safe but within it there are several references to Teen Outreach Program and, of course, Planned Parenthood.

A staff member at Dysart Schools on the other side of Phoenix felt it necessary to send the guide to Paradise Valley:

Even Phoenix government got in on the act.  How many hands has this Maricopa County resource guide ended up in?

What is concerning are the references to Planned Parenthood within the Teen Resource Guide:


There it is above, Planned Parenthood offers abortion and emergency contraception.  Are these Teen Resource Guides ending up in the hands of students?  Are Paradise Valley Unified Schools recommending Planned Parenthood to their students?  If so, are parents aware of the reference?

Remember when Planned Parenthood admitted on tape they don’t offer prenatal care?  More lies sent to schools, via Maricopa County.  Where are our County Board of Supervisors?

Back to the Teen Outreach Program (TOP) referenced in the first email–TOP is part of Advocates for Youth.  Advocates for Youth is a front for Planned Parenthood.  As folks began to realize what Planned Parenthood was up to when they claimed to “educate” our youth, Advocates for Youth was developed. The entire sex ed web is confusing as there is money being funneled to many organizations from several levels of government.  The names of the programs are quite misleading and they almost always point back to Planned Parenthood.  It is up to our elected Maricopa County officials to take some responsibility by stopping the spread of dangerous information that doesn’t reflect most families’ values or the laws in the state of Arizona.


4 thoughts on “Maricopa County Partners Again with Planned Parenthood, Paradise Valley Schools Caught in the Middle

  • December 29, 2017 at 11:24 am

    “repressive unaware parents” Wow! In psychology, i believe that is called “projection”.

    • January 7, 2018 at 10:13 pm


  • November 30, 2017 at 7:19 pm

    It is sad to think of people who may even be parents, who oppose emergency contraception and providing youth with factual information about parenthood and the possible negative consequences of sexual activity.
    I am sad for the children of such repressive unaware parents, and for the harm such uninformed youth will suffer and inflict upon others.
    If you want your children to be ignorant of our physical health and the social world, so be it. That is to the detriment of your children’s future. But you need to accept that the majority of your fellow parents on this planet left the dark ages behind long ago. We, the greater world around you, no longer believe in the subjugation of women, and we will not allow our children to be victims of misguided repressive ignorance.

    Thanks for allowing me to offer my comment.

    • December 2, 2017 at 11:35 pm

      Thanks for reading. You offered no facts, just opinions, though. And I’m not sure why you are upset when the dark lifestyles you support are being offered in most school’s “health” curricula, so you have what you want.

      If you’ve been hurt by abortion or Planned Parenthood, please contact Silent No More.

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