More Federal Money for the Sex Ed Web in Arizona

Recently Touchstone Behavioral Health scored a huge financial win by securing a 5-year grant to sexually indoctrinate students in southwestern Phoenix, Arizona.  Somehow they have continued to convince the government that their services are needed in some low income areas and almost a million dollars has come their way.  Unfortunately, they are using the “Making Proud Choices” curriculum, and the adults responsible for the children and those who passed laws to protect Arizona’s kids look the other way.

We have touched on Touchstone Behavioral Health and its relationship with Maricopa County.  Here is the latest grant from the Department of Health and Human Services:

There are many reasons children continue to be used as guinea pigs for these programs.  Let’s take a look at “Making Proud Choices” which is referred to in the grant.  We googled Making Proud Choices and here are some snips from a few of the top links.  They are definitely targeting African-Americans youth.

And another:

Here is a link to a lengthy description of the Making Proud Choices curriculum.  Look at how long it is.  How much time is being taken from kids to push this sex-might-be-okay- just-wear-a-condom agenda?  And look at the goals of the program:

What do they mean by “safer sex”?  Safer than what?  What happened to “safe sex”?  Or how about No Sex Until Marriage? Are they admitting there is no safe sex outside of marriage?  Are they covering their tracks by describing their new goals as only “safer”?  What about a safer cigarette for kids?  Or a safer bottle of whiskey?

When “Making Proud Choices” is searched on google, many of the links which loaded show the curriculum as part of Advocates for Youth.  As long as we were on the Advocates for Youth website, we typed Planned Parenthood into the search bar. Here are the top links which came up.

When we clicked the second link above, here is what appeared.  A little whine with your cheese Planned Parenthood?

Now we know Making Proud Choices, Advocates for Youth, and Planned Parenthood are all partnered to basically steal money from taxpayers by using HHS and organizations like Touchstone Behavioral to administer their kid-sex programs.  There should be no surprise that Making Proud Choices, a curriculum aimed at African-Americans, is associated with Planned Parenthood.

These are the school districts in the Phoenix area who are partnering with Touchstone Behavioral.

We have already covered Pendergast Elementary and their pro-condom curriculum for kids.  These programs do nothing but line the pockets of those involved and buy votes for politicians.  These webs and networks are deep and confusing, and it is time to drain this Sex Ed Swamp.




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