Austin, Texas–We Need You August 12th

We learned this week a meeting is scheduled for this weekend by parents in the Austin, Texas area to educate their community about the dangers of a sex ed curriculum being pushed by Planned Parenthood.  Here are the details:

Although Texas has family-friendly laws, Planned Parenthood has snuck its way into future curriculums in Texas.  Starting this school year, Advocates for Youth will be the source of the sex ed curriculum in Austin, under the name “3Rs”.  This curriculum will start in kindergarten! We have been covering Advocates for Youth at notinourschools and its relationship with Planned Parenthood.  The Planned Parenthood brand is losing influence as the truth comes out by former employees and the Center for Medical Progress.  Therefore, they must enter schools using a guise to keep their money flowing.

Please follow for updates and how to get involved.  Thanks to these Austin residents for defending our youth.

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