Don’t California Our Arizona? It’s Too Late

Californians are continuing to flock to Arizona. Most from California are happy to be able to afford a middle-class home in a safe neighborhood without breaking the bank. Others are simply fed up with the decline in what was once paradise along the Pacific Ocean. When they move to Arizona, they are looking for common sense in schools along with parental rights.

Arizona’s laws have kept much of the controversial sexual material at bay (if school districts are held accountable by the community), but with the repeal of some of 1991’s SB1396 provisions last year, the sex curriculum free-for-all in Arizona is alive and well. For this reason, parents have been working with key legislators to get some curriculum transparency laws passed this session. While there already are state statutes requiring curriculum to be shown to parents, there are many loopholes such as “teacher professional development” and guest speakers which are not regulated by current law. Attempts to close some of these loopholes this year have been met with outrage by Democrats and their Red for Ed and Planned Parenthood allies. Why is that?

Here is a video from a parent in Anaheim, California. She is also a case supervisor for children with behavioral challenges. Listen carefully as she maps out the link between Diversity Week, bullying curriculum, and LGBTQ sexuality for children. Ms. Lobatos describes Anaheim’s school district’s attempts to change young children’s thoughts and behavior through programs like safe zone stickers and diversity.

Locally, Phoenix Union High School District sends chosen students and staff to Diversity Camps and they return with Safe Space stickers for classrooms. Kyrene Elementary School District has purchased a Deep Equity curriculum, some of which deals with the LGBTQ agenda. Not far away, Chandler Unified put the brakes on this same curriculum and will write their own after parents spoke out against the divisive material. Back to Kyrene Schools, that district will not give parents the full Deep Equity curriculum to review, much like what Ms. Lobatos from Anaheim describes. Districts tell community members their hands are tied, there are copyright issues. Copyright–this is one of the transparency loopholes concerned parents brought to an Arizona state senator this session in hopes of creating a resolution.

In he video at the 6:05 mark , Ms. Lobatos discusses Save Zone stickers. At 6:40, Ms. Lobatos shares information on the Genderbread Person. Not long ago, a teacher in Flagstaff taught this without permission or parents’ knowledge. Interestingly, Cave Creek Schools administrators have been bombarded with similar materials by LGBTQ lobbyists (Cave Creek was sent the “Gender Unicorn” instead of Gender Person). We now have emails that Chandler Unified officials are also targets of these same lobbyists.

The following screenshot is the first of six pages of LGBTQ propaganda sent to Ms. Christine Diaz of Chandler Unified. Nothing about academic success is mentioned.

According to Chandler’s website, Ms. Diaz is an English teacher at Willis Junior High. What is she teaching these young students?

While Arizona’s school children are used as lab experiments, Arizona state legislators are more than flirting with the LGBTQ lifestyle and everyone else better go along or else. Some of the loudest opposition in January was from those legislators in the Arizona LGBTQ Caucus. It is fascinating how they feel they know better than parents, as though this caucus should take over rearing all of Arizona’s children.

Notice “no bullying and self-esteem” is an excuse to support all kinds of sex ed for nine and ten year olds. Representative Cano complains of more government control yet government schools have not been forthcoming with curriculum, so who is actually pushing government control Mr. Cano? We haven’t gotten an answer whether this AZLGBTQ caucus supports Drag Queen Story Hour for children. Does anything go too far for these lawmakers?

Recently, Democrat Aaron Lieberman of Arizona LD28 posted this:

Would Aaron Lieberman and the AZLGBTQ caucus be okay with the following scenario in Arizona schools? This just happened in Anaheim, California, yes, the home of Disneyland.

The goal posts continue to be moved and quite frankly the more they move the less schools are focusing on education. Ms. Lobato’s video should light a fire for parents to really start spending some time at school board meetings and exploring as much of their child’s curriculum as allowed. If something is not allowed to be reviewed that is a huge red flag. We all have some extra time now with schools closed to connect and figure out a game plan. The silver lining is perverted sex ed can’t be taught in those government buildings while they are shut down.

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