Republican Arizona Government Legalizes LGBTQ Sex Ed

For almost 30 years, Arizona public and charter schools were barred from promoting a homosexual lifestyle to their students or teaching that homosexuality is a positive lifestyle alternative. This has served Arizona well. The law did not promote harassing or bullying LGBTQ students. It did not force teachers to teach young students about gay sex. The law actually promoted childrens’ health because it didn’t allow school leaders to promote a lifestyle with higher AIDS, cancer, and suicide rates.

This law was one of the foundations the parents in Cave Creek, Arizona used to discourage their governing board from voting in a new, dangerous LGBTQ curriculum in April of this year. The rewritten curriculum was missing key information about human anatomy, therefore it was not medically accurate and could be seen as promoting LGBTQ sex as safe. While several Cave Creek Unified Board members supported an updated curriculum, the curriculum was tabled for procedural reasons. The key is tabling gave parents more time to share with the community the areas which Cave Creek was breaking Arizona law and maybe the curriculum would be cleaned up on the next go-round.

Not so fast. Just before Cave Creek’s curriculum drama came to the forefront, the group Equality Arizona filed a lawsuit against the Arizona Department of Education among others because the statute discriminated against non-heterosexual students and places them in a disfavored class, so they said. Of course, since the Democrats weren’t successful changing the law in the Arizona Legislature in 2019, they resorted to a lawsuit. Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Sex Instruction, Kathy Hoffman, was full of glee when the “Republican” Arizona Legislature ran like a spooked horse and repealed the established law in just two days.

All students were always welcome in Arizona schools. There was no doorman at any school denying any LGBTQ student access; in fact those students have been embraced and coddled in recent years much more than heterosexual students. Also, note the heavily funded organizations who teamed with Equality Arizona. Remember Planned Parenthood is using your tax dollars to support lies like what Ms. Hoffman wrote in her statement.

What was most disturbing about the repeal is how quickly the Arizona Legislature and Governor Doug Ducey pulled the rug out from Arizona parents and children. Government never moves quickly so when it does it usually does not bode well for the community. Once “Republican” Attorney General Mark Brnovich said he would not defend the 1991 law, the gates were open for the ball to get rolling down the slippery slope.

Grassroots activists who have been supporting pro-family legislation in Arizona for years were not contacted about the pending repeal. They were caught completely off guard on April 11, 2019. In fact, an activist called two Republican Senators’ offices the morning of April 11th. One staff member said the Senator had not even read the bill and the vote was not going to take place at that time. Good, there would be time for constituents to contact their lawmakers. Instead just two hours later, the vote was taken and the repeal was passed and was being sent to Governor Ducey’s desk for his signature.

There are several “Republican” lawmakers who must be credited for this turn of events. They did not defend families or children. It’s a wonder why some politicians run as Republicans when they legislate just the opposite.  The following is a screenshot of part of the Republican Party platform which was ignored through the repeal process.

Besides Governor Ducey and Attorney General Brnovich, the following Arizona legislators need to switch parties before running again in 2020. If not, it is time true pro-family legislators step up in their districts and defeat these traitors:

*Representative TJ Shope

*Senator Kate Brophy-McGee

*Senator Heather Carter

At the 2:43 mark of this video, “Republican” lawmakers are praised by Child Sex Superintendent Kathy Hoffman. And at 8:08, Representative Daniel Hernandez gives his LGBTKudos to Representative Shope and Brophy-McGee. We are hearing Senators Brophy-McGee and Carter are the reason pro-family advocates and the governor did not feel they had to votes to stall repeal in the Arizona House. In other words, Bobsy Twins Brophy-McGee and Carter are taking cues from radical, well-funded, non-medically accurate groups instead of the constituents who voted them into office.

Probably the most disgusting aspect of the celebratory video is the 16:14 mark when Planned Parenthood’s representative gets her microphone time. Thanks Ducey, Brnovich, Shope, Brophy-McGee and Carter. You have just crossed a line that can’t be ignored by supporting something Planned Parenthood promotes. If anyone had any doubt about this repeal, Planned Parenthood’s involvement should have been the deciding factor to vote the opposite. It should also be noted Governor Doug Ducey grew up Catholic; it is amazing Planned Parenthood’s agenda is acceptable to him.

School districts are probably licking their chops now that they can teach about homosexuality to all grades.  Those of you reading this know it’s likely the new sex ed material will not be age-appropriate nor medically accurate like the governor and legislature are promising.  Why don’t the political leaders know this?  Because they have turned a blind eye to most issues occurring in Arizona school districts and this is one of them.  They spend their media time discussing school funding because that may buy them some votes. 

So now what?  We say BRING IT ON!  Arizona’s 1991 law did much good, so much that most parents don’t realize how perverted GLSEN, Planned Parenthood, and the like are.  Just like the Democrats admitting they are okay with baby-killing after birth, Arizona families will now see what these sex groups are really up to.  It won’t take long for the results of this LGBTQ push to surface.  Community members may finally have a fire lit under them, much like the parents in Cave Creek in April.  When little Tiffany doesn’t get that track scholarship because Transgender Pat, who is really a boy, beats her out at the state championships…….where will Governor Ducey, AG Brnovich, and the spineless Arizona legislators who supported the repeal be?

2 thoughts on “Republican Arizona Government Legalizes LGBTQ Sex Ed

  • May 6, 2019 at 10:46 pm

    I am wondering if this why we are now getting weekly emails again that CCUSD is voting on Monday May 13th on the curriculum that was tabled last month. It was about a week after this law was passed, they let us know they will be voting on the curriculum, and to my knowledge, no changes have been made, but yet the district is sending out emails every week letting everyone know of the upcoming decision. We dont have this law to fall back on. 🙁

    • May 8, 2019 at 10:25 pm

      There have been some changes. We will be posting an update soon. Thank you.

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