Diversity Camps and Voter Registration in Phoenix Union High School District

We have written about possible corruption inside Phoenix Union High School District (PUHSD). Some taxpayers feel the district is careless with money, while at the same time employing many in administration. Teachers have reported some educators led walk-outs when President Trump was elected. Our concerns have been with their sex ed agenda and PUHSD’s efforts to hide the material from the public. Recently they went out of their way to grow their electoral base so as to continue the status quo. Phoenix Union is removing children from their academic settings so they learn how to register to vote and community organize instead of learning how to earn a living and contribute to society.

On September 23rd the Twitter world in Phoenix lit up when it was learned LGBTQ pals Secretary of State Katie Hobbs and LD28’s Republican-in-Name-Only Senator Kate Brophy-McGee would be attending PUHSD’s voter registration for students who are seniors. Some were concerned this was not just an opportunity to register kids to vote, but also to influence which political party they should choose while collecting data on the students. Others stated that registering to vote is a big day in some families and that should be left up to the parents.

Notice the students were required to attend the voter registration day.

According to the Arizona Daily Independent, many select groups participated in this event, including CAIR and One Arizona. One Arizona’s director is Ian Danley, a member of Phoenix Union’s Governing Board and has made financial deals with Planned Parenthood. Here is what One Arizona stands for:

We are curious if some of Arizona’s elected officials who support the family and parents’ rights were invited to help with voter registration in Phoenix Union. Notice Representative Raquel Teran got the nod. She’s the Arizona legislator who sponsored a bill that would have allowed babies born alive to die.

Later that week, some students at Trevor Browne High School were told they weren’t able to attend Phoenix Union’s Diversity Camp in Prescott, AZ.

Diversity Camp–more time for students to be away from academics. But it’s not just the students, there is also a select group of teachers who accompany them on the trip which takes place over the course of several days. We are told when the teachers return to school, they are brainwashed about the LGBTQ agenda. Suddenly there are “rainbow” safe rooms in the school buildings and a wedge develops between those promoting the LGBTQ culture and those who want to focus on teaching.

Here is a link to Camelback’s High School Diversity Camp. Where is PUHSD getting the money to pay 12 substitutes to cover classrooms for three days? We are told schools have no money. After all, Board Member Ian Danley got the Yes for Phoenix Union Campaign $1000 from Planned Parenthood for marketing purposes. Any staff member who questions PUHSD’s motives or the money trail risks losing his or her job. So staff stays quiet and the cycle continues.

It’s all a vicious cycle titled Inclusion, Inclusivity, Equality, and to borrow Superintendent Kathy Hoffman’s words–Love is Love is Love is Love is Love. Parents in Kyrene and Chandler School Districts, you are currently being targeted. The agendas to get and keep political offices blue and abortion commonplace are being funded by your tax dollars as we speak.

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