Utah and the LDS Church, You Are Also Being Pursued

There doesn’t seem to be a “safe zone” for anyone who wants to send their child to a simple public school to obtain a traditional education based on the three “R”s.  Everyday we are bombarded with another article about some radical agenda, porn, and Sex Ed in schools being run by our tax dollars.

Since Utah has such a high percentage of Mormons and the LDS Church has fought hard for traditional family values and marriage throughout previous decades, one would think its schools would be safe from perversion.

Not so fast.  Meet the School Improvement Network, co-owned by Curtis Linton, based in Midvale, Utah.  More on Mr. Linton later.  A quick glance at the School Improvement Network’s website seems benign (except why do we bother providing education degrees at universities when there seems to be a market to re-educate those with professional degrees?  Oh, yeah, to make someone a profit, but I digress.)

The School Improvement Network sends emails to school districts providing advice and its services.  Here is a sample that was sent to a school board member in the Tempe Union High School District (TUHSD)  in Arizona:


This excerpt is from December, 2013, exactly one month before TUHSD’s 90 minute presentation by Planned Parenthood, the comprehensive “non-profit” known for all sorts of special interests.

In October of 2015 while the University of Utah was making waves in the national football rankings, its College of Social Work was presenting a conference celebrating all families.  Look at the sponsors at this event IN UTAH:

conference sponsors

This particular Celebrating All Families conference has an interesting list of scheduled speakers.  Check out the quantity of speakers involved in the trans/LGBTQXYZ communities, crossed with a clear disdain for Mormon teaching.  The problem is none of these individuals have been named Prophet of the LDS Church so it remains a question how they will get the Mormon Church to change.  And last I heard, Mormons’ belief that marriage can only occur between a man and a woman is not just scientifically correct, but based on the Bible.  Again, I’m not sure how these speakers can insert themselves in the Bible and change history.

But look who one of the speakers is, Curtis Linton. He is part of the Utah network to impose the usual Comprehensive Sex Ed–do what feels good and keep the parents out of it agenda.  And he has access to YOUR school board members, all over the country.





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