Clergy, We Can’t Hear You!

Unfortunately every situation in the United States and around the world is being politicized.  What were once clear moral issues have become divisive political issues.  It’s not that those who defend Judeo-Christian values tried to politicize issues, but instead the government meddled as usual and reared its ugly head where it shouldn’t (read the Constitution) and thus, everything in the United States has become politicized.

Over the last several decades, most Christians and their leaders have been polite as the world has turned upside down.  Some clergy won’t tackle controversial subjects from the pulpit.  Is it so as not to offend someone in the pews?  Is it because they fear some may choose a different church?  Maybe donations will decline?  Or will the IRS appear on their doorstep?

Remaining quiet and indecisive hasn’t accomplished much.  In fact, it has probably contributed to the increase in abortions, gay “marriage” (quotations marks are used because the possibility doesn’t exist), living together, and increased divorce to name a few.  Where has this gotten us?  Families are a mess or non-existent, fathers are missing, unborn children are mourned, women are depressed, the government says kids can pick if they are male or female……and these situations are occurring in all families, church-going or not.

Recently, a controversial sex education curriculum was implemented in Ontario, Canada, known as Wynne Sex Ed.  The fact that the Canadian government pushed this through was bad enough.  Now there is controversy as to whether Catholic leadership spoke up to stop or slow down this curriculum.  We won’t know if Cardinal Thomas Collins of Toronto could have done a better job rallying the troops to fight Wynne Sex Ed, there seems to be various opinions.  But should there be a question at all?  Shouldn’t it be a slam dunk that at least a CATHOLIC priest would be clearly on record opposing a dangerous agenda, while using his pro-life and pro-family resources easily found in a Catholic Diocese to organize resistance?

Many Protestant preachers also avoid controversial subjects.  Maybe  members should ask their pastors to speak about our societal ills from the pulpit, in the weekly bulletin, or during Sunday School.  Maybe the pastors don’t know the laity desires clear direction, whether we realize it or not.  It’s like going to the doctor, we don’t always want to hear his advice but we know we need it.

In September of this year, a local priest wrote a letter about Christian solidarity, and now his words seem prophetic.  Seven weeks later in Houston, the “Bathroom Bill” was defeated.  This is good news.  But even better news is the leadership of clergy in Houston.  They did not take NO for answer and used every resource at their disposal.  It was a long fight, but it exposed the radical progressive agenda.  And the Bathroom Bill didn’t just lose, it lost big.

So clergy, if you’re already taking a stand about our moral issues, we thank you.  Those that aren’t, feel free to start meddling in our schools, our government, and with those elected officials who would rather we stay quiet.  We can also rear our ugly heads.

2 thoughts on “Clergy, We Can’t Hear You!

  • December 1, 2015 at 6:20 pm

    Excellent post, you can look no further than the POPE. He is the POPE of the far-left. I don’t understand “why” the good Catholics have not seen what this man is about. Religion is falling off
    the cliff, and my fear that it will fall off our lives.

    • December 20, 2015 at 8:54 pm

      I agree Pope Francis is hard for some of us to figure out. I’ll stay out of the fray here and let the good folks at, EWTN, Catholic Radio, etc. keep things in perspective regarding this Pope.

      At least he has us talking and is drawing attention to the Catholic Church. Merry Christmas!

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