Coming to a School Near You

The term “medically correct” touted by Planned Parenthood and its allies to promote Comprehensive Sex Ed is such a farce.  It’s really tiring to hear these terms and then see what these organizations actually do.

Transgender Awareness Month gives schools an opportunity to change the English language and the sciences, that’s a great bang for our buck.  How many of these buttons would you like?  And the next time your pregnant friend gets an ultrasound, which button will apply to the sex of her baby?


Fenway Health is the organization in Boston, MA which came up with these buttons.  Fenway exists to aid in health needs of the LGBTQXYZ community, so basically they use vulnerable people and make money off them.  It’s a great marketing ploy.  And if there is opposition, call names and bulldoze the opposition so they disappear and are ineffective.  At the bottom of Fenway Health’s website, you will see a list of their sponsors, one of them is Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital.  Is it a coincidence that Beth Israel is the same hospital that ran out Dr. Paul Church, a leading urologist, who exposed the hospital’s aggressive promotion of the gay/trans agenda?  And as a doctor, he shared his medical concerns about the long-term health of the LGBTQXYZ community.  How dare he care for his patients!

How about if we conduct an experiment.  Let’s make some buttons to hand out to kids at school with the name “Jesus” on them.  How fast will such a button be banned from schools by administrators (who will use the excuse that the pins on the back are dangerous and could be used as a weapon?)

We send our kids to school to learn accurate information, especially in the sciences.  Why do these organizations twist true scientific facts to get what they want–money, power, sympathy?  Because we fall for it and we are afraid to be called haters and closed-minded.

Think about it, who really are the closed-minded haters who are not medically accurate?


2 thoughts on “Coming to a School Near You

  • December 23, 2015 at 8:28 am

    Another great article! One thing that strikes me is how similar it is in theme to a post I saw today on facebook by Staci Burk. The basic strategy in each case: exploit the vulnerable, bulldoze the competition. IMHO “Progressivism” IS Satanism

    “so basically they use vulnerable people and make money off them. It’s a great marketing ploy. And if there is opposition, call names and bulldoze the opposition so they disappear and are ineffective.”

    Staci Burk 12-23-15
    “All across Arizona (and I’ve heard other States too), school admins and board members act as puppets for education special interest groups. They’ve been taught that when the parents ask questions, point the finger at the legislature and blame no money.

    The special interests via many “education associations” have taught staff to do the same. This effectively distracts from anyone actually holding the school board or administration accountable for the lack of salary increases or supplies.
    Instead, they send the staff off to complain to the legislature and do the special interests dirty work asking for more money, while the administration is passing the money to the special interests out the back door of the district offices before the money can ever make it to the school sites or salaries.

    Then of course, more money is needed if there’s ever any hope for a raise or to fight the great paper and dry erase marker famines. The admin/board send the staff off to fight for more money, pass tax overrides and bonds, etc. and when that happens, even more money flies out the back door to the special interests and more money is needed.
    The cycle continues…

    What amazes me, is that relatively educated and allegedly smart people, participate in this merry go round over and over again pushing for more money without ever asking why or holding anyone accountable for exactly where the money is going.”

    • December 27, 2015 at 12:05 am

      I hope the gig is up. We have figured the Educrats out, now it’s time we bulldoze their empty programs and inept administrations.

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