Your Tax Money Is Promoting Disrespect From The Students

You think your high school students are learning about reproduction in Comprehensive Sex Ed classes?  Well, reproduction is taught in Biology and Anatomy classes.  So what is the need to do double-duty and teach it again in Health Classes?

The only reason is so Planned Parenthood and other government entities can get a hold of your child, come between you and your values, and push an agenda that is dangerous and unhealthy.  It’s a huge business for all involved.  And as these behaviors take hold, more mental health programs will be needed–>more government–>more funding needed–>more taxes, you know the rest.

In the Gender Identity section of your local Planned Parenthood curriculum (like in Tempe Union High Schools) teachers’ manual you will find a link to

There are many videos in the website.  Here are a few free of charge for you to enjoy, but no popcorn is included (buttered popcorn is unhealthy, thus probably not a favorite in public schools.)

Have any school board members seen these videos which are linked to FLASH (Planned Parenthood)?  Are there any adults in the administrations running things or are the students in charge?


Watch these.  They take a stab at police, church, birth certificates, passports, parents, school superintendents and boards, and basically anything or anyone that is an authority figure in their lives.

Kids, you are not the customers.  Your parents and neighbors, who pay taxes to educate you, are the customers.  All of you in these videos and any longing to be in one, drop the attitude and start focusing on your school work so you can contribute to, not take from, society.

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