Surprise (AZ), You Also Have a Pride Section in the Children’s Library

Social media is buzzing with continued reports of businesses and corporations who are focusing on the satanic month of Pride this June instead of the product or service their patrons have come to know. While at first the overreach was shocking, the demons who celebrate gyrating in front of children and cutting up the body parts of youth (yes, you Katie Hobbs) have stepped way over the line and are showing us the fools they are. The challenge for parents is safeguarding their kids and themselves through this month, and all of the subsequent special days and weeks the devil’s workers give themselves each year.

On the west side of Phoenix, the Surprise Regional Library, deep in the heart of Republican voters, displayed LGBTQxxx books for kids to enjoy. Here are a few, surely the Surprise Library doesn’t want to be outdone by Mesa on the other side of town.

It’s really important that a scavenger hunt reflects Pride. What could they be looking for?

How about all the queers in the animal kingdom!

Public libraries, start using common sense.

Remember the Cat Lady elected to the Washington Elementary School District in Phoenix? She must have read this book before she purchased her cat ears.

It’s not June without a book about teen lesbians.

The American Library Association (ALA) has been toxic for years. A branch coordinator from the Mesa library system was nice enough to follow up with us the other day. She answered our questions and explained how robbing children of their innocence works. While some of her answers were not a surprise, what was concerning is how the answers flowed so easily from her, almost nonchalantly.

The Pride display will be up throughout the month of June due to Pride Month. When asked if there will be a display encouraging marriage between a man and a woman, she said no, there is no directive to celebrate marriage between a man and woman. When asked if there will be a display encouraging parents to have many children, she said no but the librarians will be happy to assist customers in finding material about large families. Meanwhile, the ALA and the city of Mesa have directives to celebrate diversity.

Why are traditional marriage and large families not worthy of a display in a public library? Shouldn’t it be the opposite–if someone wants to see sexual material between same sex couples the librarian can assist because that should not be on display, especially around kids? This is clearly sexual grooming targeting youth.

The librarian’s excuse for the location of the Pride display in the children’s section was the teen center was getting carpeting installed. The display has since been moved to the teen section. which is aimed at 13-17 year olds. These are still minors but that didn’t seem to matter to her. She did acknowledge one of the books on display with naked women hugging was probably inappropriate. She considered this a “learning moment”. Yeah, it was definitely a learning moment for the little kids.

While the librarians select the material for the displays, the employee who called stressed more than once that parents should be involved in material selection. That is great to hear, maybe local public school districts should take that to heart. However, having these books on display is suggestive to minors who are walking by or unattended. When asked, this librarian confirmed she does not consider the books in the Pride display obscene.

The librarian suggested concerned community members can visit Mesa Public Library’s website and submit a formal complaint for consideration. As she called it, “professional” librarians review the material in question. These librarians are American Library Association accredited with a Masters certificate. They will determine if the item meets collection guidelines.

Let’s look at the background these ALA professionals have and their training. In a few days there is a conference in Chicago the ALA is organizing with all sorts of topics and speakers.

There are many, many speakers and subjects listed. Here are a few.

The American Library Association just tattled on the universities. All of this money spent on diversity and sexual agendas is merely a big commercial for recruitment so the federal government can send more money to higher education to train activists. The universities no longer prioritize accepting the best and most talented students. This is scary when we consider who our future doctors, airline pilots, engineers, and leaders will be. Members of the LGBTQ+++ community, you are just a pawn in a money laundering scheme. The Elites don’t care a thing about you.

Take a look at another workshop at the upcoming ALA conference.

Who is Robin Gow? Glad you asked.

Check out his book “Our Lady of Perpentual Degeneracy”. Perhaps the Los Angeles Dodgers could have sold it during their disgusting anti-Catholic display Friday night.

Keep in mind what kind of influence your city and school librarians have when they are choosing materials for YOUR child to read. Children absorb new information like sponges, this article explains why. The depraved librarians know this. No wonder the Mesa libarian who talked to us was perfectly fine with the material and did not seem concerned that one of the books was a mockery of Catholicism. And no wonder her talking points poured from her lips with ease. She was happy we had this “important conversation so we can find common ground.” No, ma’am, we will never work with those who degenerate children, either physically or emotionally. There will be no compromise with demonic librarians.

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