Toto, We’re Not in Mesa Anymore

It’s only the first weekend of June and we are already inundated with places we can’t bring children. Much has been posted on social media about Pride displays in Target, Petsmart, and Kohl’s, to name a few. The Los Angeles Dodgers are also a participant in the sexual deviancy of our culture (while simultaneously insulting faithful Catholics). Thankfully, government schools in Arizona are closed for the summer so now is a good time to move children to alternative education options and use the Arizona Empowerment Scholarship program to offset costs. Now that summer has rolled around it’s time for Summer Reading Programs at your local library, that is a safe alternative to corporate America and public schools. Well, it used to be.

On June 2, 2023 we visited the main campus of the Mesa Public Library. We found an LGBTQxxx display IN THE CHILDREN’S SECTION. The signage was inviting while implying reading books about sex and severing kids’ body parts is perfectly acceptable. While we agree that it is fiction (as the sign states) to change one’s sex, several of the books on display were not simply to provide a relaxing afternoon of reading. The books were displayed to push a political and sexual agenda on youth or they wouldn’t have been housed in the children’s library.

Where do students get the idea they need attention by playing on the opposite sex’s sports teams? Maybe from books like this at Mesa Public Library.

Ask yourself if straight folks request a display of books in the children’s library showing opposite sex couples hugging without clothes on. Why do gay and transgender pimps cross a moral line so often?

The writers know children cannot unsee sexual material they are not ready for; this is all part of their plot to convert your children.

We asked one of the supervisors if she could explain the purpose for the XXX display. She said she did not know about it, that several librarians install displays and she isn’t sure who oversaw the Pride exhibit and its location. We reminded her about the obscenity law in Arizona, that if a man were standing across the street and presenting obscene material to a child leaving the library he could be charged. Arizona is one of a handful of states which does not allow for obscenity exemptions; this is another reason children SHOULD be especially safe in Arizona. Mesa’s library director, Polly Bonnett, may have the answers to our questions; she has had an interest in the children’s library.

But wait, there is more of course. One of the books on the Pride rack took a sarcastic swipe at the Catholic religion and its private schools. Isn’t that interesting since there is a Catholic school just blocks from Mesa Public Library?

This book is written from a Hispanic point of view. Historically Mexicans have strong faith and family values. Why is Mesa Public Library displaying a book to confuse those children? It may surprise the author and the library staff that the population of many Catholic schools is not predominantly rich, white kids.

Mesa’s main library is just blocks from the LDS Temple, also a mecca of strong family values and lots of kids. No doubt books like these are designed to cause a rift between parents and children so kids start questioning the moral, religious, and scientific decisions parents are making for their children. Do Mesa taxpayers know what they are paying for? The city of Mesa is also advancing the transgender culture, which leads to devastaing surgeries, permanent sterilization, and a lifetime of drugs disguised as hormones.

Unfortunately, this is a top-down mandate from higher levels of government. Let’s not forget Mesa’s pervert mayor likes men in girls’ restrooms, and refers to the danger as religious freedom and inclusivity.

Notice the mayor freakishly protects men, with or without an appendage, but not little girls.

We also checked out the Dobson Ranch branch of the Mesa library system. They also have a Pride book display but it wasn’t placed in the children’s section. Instead it was on the main aisle.

Remember when we wrote about Alex Gino? His/her books are available for children to peruse or check out at the Dobson Library.

The Maricopa County Library District is also using taxpayer money to send out notices about LGBTQxxx books to read during June’s satanic Pride month.

Does anyone think the Republican-led Maricopa County Board of Supervisors gives a darn about this library material and children’s accessibility to it?

There is another degenerate mayor in Arizona getting off on drag shows, among other things. Somehow the conservative town of Lake Havasu City elected a Democrat mayor. How did this happen in Arizona of all places? (Wink, wink.) He’s got his taxpayers funding freak shows aimed at emotionally poisoning children. Where are the men in Mesa and Lake Havasu? Why aren’t they speaking up to protect their cities’ children?

Well, the answer likely lies in this short interview below. When adults do their due dilligence to keep kids safe, nowadays they are more than slandered, they may be sued. Very few will stand up to the alphabet mafia and its lies. Listen to recent developments in Lake Havasu and input from a local attorney in Arizona.

For those who think this post is an attempt at censorship, the issue is much deeper. The Dobson Ranch library in Mesa is ready to call taxpayers “Book Banners” when all parents want to do is protect their children. It is not an accident this poster from the child predators at the American Library Association is on the wall at the Dobson library. Notice the BLM fist, they hide nothing from us anymore.

Certain topics belong in adult book stores, or at the very least in the adult section of a public library. The American Library Association has an agenda to sexually groom children and the placing of this smut in Mesa libraries is no accident.

The public library LGBTQXXX debacle is just the foundation for what is to come. Only a few miles from the Dobson Ranch library is Brick Road Coffee, which is parading drag queens around children. Once these Pride book displays promoting the transgender religion are accepted as commonplace, who is to say drag queen shows won’t be coming to your local library as “story time”? Will Mayor Giles man up and stop it? Child sexual predators stop at nothing. Flagstaff’s previous mayor has been a supporter of drag queen shows, even prioritizing them over the safety of residents during floods, as reported by Arizona Daily Independent. Paul Deasy is no longer the mayor, but normalization of drag shows and a transgender lifestyle has led to even worse in Flagstaff.

And there it is, more satan. It’s all a big web with satan as the center, normalized by your city government using your tax dollars. Polly Bonnett can be reached at 480-644-3100. Let’s encourage her to let kids be kids in Mesa’s libraries.

4 thoughts on “Toto, We’re Not in Mesa Anymore

  • June 14, 2023 at 9:21 pm

    you guys are going to find places to go harder and harder as the population becomes more accepting to people of different views and lifestyles

    • July 21, 2023 at 8:57 pm

      You mean the pedo lifestyle?

  • June 5, 2023 at 10:44 am

    I’m an ESA parent, my boys are both on the autism spectrum. They are fully funded and I’m able to cover the full cost at a private school. My daughter on the other hand is in the International baccalaureate program at Westwood high school and, does not have a disability. She would not receive even a fraction of enough funding through ESA to attend I private school. I’m single mom and can’t afford private schools and I work, I can’t get my child to and from a charter school that does provide transportation. Encouraging parents to just leave public schools is a very privileged mind set. The answer isn’t encouraging parents to leave public school! The answer is for Mesa parents and stake holder to stand up and fight MPS. Parents have systematically, over a long period of time, been removed as discission maker, and we let it happen. So we are gonna run away and do nothing? No! We fight!

    • June 11, 2023 at 10:42 pm

      Agree!!! Very good points. Keep fighing for your high schooler. There is one sane person currently on the MPS board and she woud appreciate anything you can do to help improve Mesa Schools.

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