The Cat Lady Wins!

Recently we were warned students were identifying as animals and wanted to be called “Furries” in the classroom. We were not warned about a “Furry” running for a school governing board in Arizona. Not only did a Furry run for office, but she won. What a diverse state Arizona has become.

Tamillia Valenzuela ran for a position on the Washington Elementary School Board this fall. Here is the front page of her Linked In.

While Ms. Valenzuela may appear to be a catgrassroots candidate, she is just another well-connected individual who is being used to further the financial and political interests of others, to the detriment of children.

One might wonder how a cat woman can be taken seriously enough to get the required amount of petition signatures to get on the ballot.

One of Ms. Valenzuela’s endorsers is the Arizona Latino School Board Association (AZLSBA). Did she share with her Latino supporters, who are overwhelmingly pro-family and love babies, her support for abortion? This was posted on Valenzuela’s Facebook page recently.

Do the parents in Washington Elementary School District know the language Ms. Valenzuela uses in public?

Let’s go back to the AZLSBA. On the surface it appears this organization supports Latino candidates for governing boards. That is racist, but there is more. Look who one of the AZLSBA’s supporters is.

ADM Group–where did we just see that? A couple weeks ago we shared information about many construction companies and their ties to certain school board candidates and bond/override elections. Here is a sample donation from ADM to a Paradise Valley governing board candidate.

It appears Ben Barcon lines his pockets by supporting anyone who will approve his company for construction contracts. Whether or not that candidate prioritizes student achievement is irrelevant. Mired in the ADM mix is another personality, Dr. Giovanna Grijalva. One of Dr. Grijalva’s responsibilities is Client Relations Director at ADM.

Meanwhile, how does a new candidate like Tamillia Valenzuela get a campaign going so the liberal grifters get their share of the pie? Consultants are always there to help. Ms. Valenzuela was guided by Agave Strategy.

We have seen this movie before. Agave Strategy is owned by none other than Dawn Penich, the ESA breacher and Planned Parenthood advocate who is part of Save Our Schools Arizona which does not believe in school choice.

And there it is. Tamillia Valenzuela’s votes while on Washington Elementary’s governing board will not be a surprise to anyone. She owes many individuals and their special interests. Unfortunately, none of those interests provides a solid academic foundation for the district’s students.

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