Phoenix Union Teacher Uses District Resources for Pride Parade Promotion

Mr. Ryan Ussery, a teacher at Betty Fairfax High School in the embarrassing Phoenix Union High School District, is at it again. He is a co-leader of the Gender and Sexuality Alliance Club (GSA) at Betty Farifax High and is clearly obsessed with the sexuality of his students. He started the school year playing dress up by wearing flowers in his hair. What a man.

The Gender and Sexuality Alliance Club’s co-leader is Ms. Kaitlyn Zaiser. She is also excited about who she sleeps with and wants all her students to know about it and embrace it. That is what these sex clubs are about, a vessel to pat each other on the back and bring young, impressionable minds into their perverted fold.

Using key Social Emotional Learning terms may get Ms. Zaiser a pizza party or Teacher of the Year! Question: Based on Mr. Ussery, Ms. Zaiser, and investigations in both the Paradise Valley (credit Arizona Daily Independent) and Higley school districts (credit Brian Ference), are school districts actively recruiting teachers who enjoy and promote same sex relationships? Is there nobody else to hire? Is this why Arizona Christian University was kicked out of Washington Elementary School District by the Cat Lady earlier this year?

Mr. Ussery spent October planning his jaunt to the Phoenix Pride Parade and building his audience for next year’s depraved event. However, he didn’t make those plans from his personal email account, he used his Phoenix Union email address.

Check out the photos while Mr. Ussery drives the van. (What happened to the flowers in his hair?)

All of these photos were sent by district email during school hours.

This is a misuse of instructional time and district equipment. Mr. Ussery and Ms. Zaiser share their sexual preferences with students in a district classroom with no parents present, but did they obtain signed permission slips, for example? Below are Arizona Revised Statutes regarding sex ed which were developed to protect children, not protect twisted teachers.

Notice A: School districts and charter schools may not provide sex education instruction before grade five.

Betty Farifax is a high school, there are no students present under grade five. Or are there? On the Fairfax campus is Fairfax Kiddie College for 3-5 year olds.

While it’s a great idea Fairfax students assist in the center, how do parents of those 3-5 year olds know what is being discussed with their kids? What symbols may be on the high school students’ clothing? Mr. Ussery has set a bad example getting too chummy with his students (like the Paradise Valley teacher).

Will Fairfax High School students cross the line with 3-5 year olds, as this is the example which has been set?

We don’t know and we won’t know until a line is crossed, and that is only if a deviant situation is reported to parents. Rest assured, Higley Unified and Paradise Valley have proven how to avoid honesty with parents while they cover for the teachers. We will see how Phoenix Union handles a similar situation.

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  • January 19, 2024 at 12:10 pm

    Please kick them out there jobs there should not be promoting gay rights at school


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