UPDATE: DQSH Head Who Doubles as a Skirt-Wearing ASU Professor Tussles with TPUSA Representative on Campus

Update: October 15, 2023

Thanks to readers we have gathered more information about state of Arizona employee, Professor David Boyles. In addition to establishing the Arizona chapter of Drag Story Hour, he is heavily involved in promoting abortion. It has never made sense that those who teach want to kill off their future students. But once satan is involved in their lives, as we documented in the original post, common sense and compassion disappear.

Ann Atkinson posted this screenshot from Boyles’s syllabus on X (formally Twitter). Notice the reference to teen sex. That is very likely sex involving minors. Has the Arizona State Police Department been notified? Who are the children Boyles is using as refererences in his class? Are there improper photos involved?

Ms. Atkinson shared David Boyles’s syllabus in the following X post.


Here are a few of the topics from Boyles’s syllabus. Yes, he is a groomer. His students are likely legal adults, but he clearly wants to create more “queer” youth and we must ask why? If being gay or lesbian is natural, why the need to build the community? What is in it for the professor?

We will continue watching the developments surrounding this state employee.

Original Post October 13, 2023

The Alphabet Community has gotten very bold in recent years; the more they are exposed, the more attention they seek. It is not a coincidence they devote at least one full month to “pride”, one of the seven deadly sins. Some consider pride a demonic sin and luring families and children is gravy for them. Tempe can pride itself not only as home for Arizona’s local Drag Queen Story Hour leader, but also a bloodthirsty Drag Queen coffee shop supported by the Arizona teachers union.

David Boyles is the leader of the local chapter of Drag Queen Story Hour Arizona. When not grooming young children, Boyles is an Arizona State University professor. Here is last year’s salary according to The State Press.

Boyles kind of has it all, a cornucopia of young children all the way through college. Today he got more attention, maybe some he didn’t want. A TPUSA representative asked Boyles a few direct questions as they walked around Arizona State University’s campus. David Boyles was not pleased as seen in this tweet.


In case the tweet gets is removed, we have downloaded TPUSA’s video here. It is very important to hear the audio of the reporter asking Boyles some very disturbing questions.

Here is footage from ASU police.

This is a fluid situation at ASU; there is an investigation occurring and more information will be forthcoming from the parties involved. However, David Boyles, the man in the skirt with the purse, already had quite a background and sinister ties in the Valley.

Thanks to AZ Free News for introducing Arizonans to David Boyles a few weeks ago. They followed up with an article about Drag Queen Story Hour and David Boyles at Phoenix College. He also recently hosted a zoom presentation called “The Art of Drag with David Boyles and Felicia Minor”.

We have some audio from that presentation. Here is Mr. Boyles during the online event, take a look at his shirt.

During the presentation the man who calls himself Felicia stated he didn’t want anybody’s kids. He is not convincing.

And whoops! Felicia even shares about his virtual Drag Story Hour he does for Disney! David Boyles whispered quickly he wasn’t supposed to say that.

But here is Felicia luring 13-year old kids to Tik Tok to play dress up and put on make up to mimic the opposite sex. Tell us, Felicia, what kind of foundation that builds for children except for a focus on self and a warped feel-good high. Felicia bases a child’s success on online hits and compliments. Talk about setting up a child for mental health issues.

It gets creepier. “You (meaning kids) can go on Tik Tok and do whatever you want.”

Okay, so Boyles and Felicia like to normalize perverted behavior and tempt kids to join them. That is just the beginning. On Saturday, October 14, 2023, David Boyles is hosting a normalize LGBTQalphabet event at Mesa Community College. (David sure gets around to places he can “mentor”!) One of the sponsors is Brick Road Coffee, yes that Brick Road we have been writing about.

We already covered the coffee shop partnering with Boyles’s Drag Story Hour organization for their events. Remember Felicia Minor said he doesn’t want our kids? How can he explain this page from the Drag Story Hour website?

Brick Road Coffee keeps digging a hole deeper and deeper. What started out as a gay-friendly neighborhood coffee shop has become a mecca for Drag and now Satan. Just recently Brick Road hosted a blood drive with the Satanic Temple of Arizona.

Remember in our opening we mentioned some refer to the sin of pride as a demonic sin? Well, there it is, they don’t hide what they are doing anymore, in fact they are quite proud of it all, pun intended. We would like to know if Arizona State Senator Mitzi Epstein, pictured here with other Arizona teacher union fanatics outside Brick Road Coffee, has anything to say about the coffee shop’s Satanic ties.

The cross-dressing Drag Story Hour professor, tempting kids to Tik Tok to engage in lewd behavior, a Drag Queen reading to kids for Disney, and a coffee shop hosting Drag Story Hour and a Satanic Temple blood drive…..Guard your children and your souls.

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