Drag Queens, Coffee, and Save Our Schools Arizona

Earlier this year, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed a bill expanding the Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) program to all students. A group called Save Our Schools Arizona, which is opposed to school choice, mounted a petition drive over the summer to put the ESA issue on the ballot in hopes it would be defeated by the voters, the same voters who asked the Arizona Legislature to expand ESAs to all students. Save Our Schools solicited local businesses and asked if they could leave petitions at those locations for customers to sign and some obliged.

One business which hosted Save Our School’s petitions was Brick Road Coffee in Tempe. Several years ago, we wrote a piece tying Save Our Schools Arizona with Planned Parenthood. Nothing has changed since then, even as Planned Parenthood is expanding into child mutiliation through transgender “services”. Brick Road Coffee hosted the anti-school choice petitions, and look what else the shop is hosting during the Christmas season.

The sexual exploitation of children never ends. At a time when children should be enjoying family traditions safe from evil, the Brick Roaders are hosting adult men, dressed as women, and gyrating in front of the little faces who are forced to participate by depraved adults.

Brick Road Coffee has partnered with Drag Queen Story Hour of Arizona. Check out how they guilt adults into bringing the kids to events.

“Where everyone can be their authentic selves”? What is authentic about a oversized pink appendage protruding from a man’s groin wrapping around his head like he’s being eaten? What authentic man wears eyelashes which look like tarantulas? Run away, kids! Oh, but they can’t…..their “adult” brought them and here’s a cookie from Brick Road to eat while you’re being tormented children, so sit down and shut up.

But wait, there is more from the perverted website.

How long until one of these coloring pages ends up in an Arizona classroom?

Meanwhile the Arizona Legislature wonders why children are having mental problems.

During the summer, Brick Road Coffee came out in support of abortion, hosting petition signatures to put the right to dismember babies and their mothers on the ballot.

When Save Our Schools Arizona begins its sob session as the Arizona Legislature convenes in January, remember what the organization supports. It is not children. Save Our Schools supports a deviant, sexual agenda and they want every Arizona child who survives Planned Parenthood to take a seat in one of their public school classrooms so they can be emotionally scarred for life.

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