Restorative Justice Turns Phoenix Union Classrooms Into Emergency Shelters

Your tax dollars at work: Phoenix Union High Schools (PXU) decided gender, race, inclusion, and sexual promiscuity are all part of a normal school day, and these narratives are never to be challenged. Lawless campuses, communities kept in the dark, and unruly children running the classrooms which have turned into asylums have resulted in fights, guns, and drugs on Phoenix campuses. What led to this? Restorative Justice.

Simply put, the concept of Restorative Justice implies the victim is the problem. Under Restorative Justice, if a student is assaulted for example, instead of punishing the aggressor, the victim is sent to training to learn why he or she should have empathy towards the bully. Often the bully gets off scott free. We linked an eye-opening interview by PXU community members in this post. Now let’s take a look at what Phoenix Union High School District, whose leadership is against safety resource officers, is doing to get things under control.

First, students will have input. Most of these children aren’t old enough to vote and none can legally rent a car. Yet PXU has developed a survey for the children which will be used to create a Student Bill of Rights. Look at the district nudging the students right at the beginning with “equality”.

In the questions above, does morally damaged or violated apply to Christians, also, or just those who support abortion, child mutilation, and the general breakdown of the family? The access to counselors means more will be hired to affirm whatever the child wants.

Mediation and resolution are code words for Restorative Justice. The perpetrator will be blessed and sent on his or her way. That juxtaposes the safe and nurturing environment that prioritizes physical health; the safe environment is guaranteed only for the bullies, not necessarily teachers or fellow students. Being included in decision-making processes translates to permission to change genders, change names, or visit a health clinic on campus.

This section is loaded, and the biggest red flag is there is nothing about academics. What students should be aware of is Christians in attendance cannot be discriminated against if this Bill of Rights takes effect. Right now the district prioritizes same sex relationships, mutilated trans kids, and sexual promescuity. Straight, white kids are a minority in Phoenix Union and those students will no longer be able to be discriminated against if the district really wants to celebrate diversity.

Notice more social and emotional health. This creates more opportunites for counselors (who aren’t necessarily licensed by a professional board), school clinics, and Community Schools, all paid for by Medicaid. So the district IS collecting data….what will they do with it? And keeping sensitive information from others really means if a child wants to change genders, go on birth control, or have an abortion their parents don’t need to know.

Up-to-date instructional materials translates to overpriced and unnecessary professional development for teachers, also often known as vacations out-of-state at the expense of taxpayers. Phoenix Union didn’t hide the district’s priorities in this survey.

This will become the norm in all school districts, even in suburban areas. How will this happen? Because Restorative Justice is a common thread even if administrations don’t call it that. Here are two recent examples in the Valley: In Peoria, a parent spoke during public comment on Thursday night. When Restorative Justice is the narrative, the victim will be advised why the bully feels the way he or she does and the victim must be empathetic. In a 3-2 vote, the Peoria Governing Board turned a blind eye recently to parental concerns about restroom issues. That led to this:

Recently several students from Scottsdale Unified School District were involved in fights. Take a look at the screenshots in the following X/Twitter post. Restorative Justice is being used in Scottsdale.

What will happen in Phoenix Union since Restorative Justice is the commandment with students running the show? We know there have been many, many fights. We have posted videos, likely more than the local media in Arizona has. The lockdowns are often enough they are becoming the norm. What to do? Well, you might say Phoenix Union High School District administrators are Preppers! Look at the supplies which arrived last month for unusually long lockdowns. (What constitutes unusually long?)

It is reassuring to know PXU purchased the “Premium” Classroom Lockdown Kit. Seriously, though, the delivery of materials was not a surprise due to this report from azcentral. Of course, we had to highlight a few statements from our favorite Director of Safety ever, Claudio Coria.

As far as the makeshift toilets, how will that work with the Trans students? Are they okay if they eliminate with the same biological sex present in the classroom?

No weapons were found in the two incidents reported on by the azcentral writer. Maybe next time she could report on all the other incidents at Phoenix Union with weapons because there are plenty.

No worries, Mr. Coria implies everything was under control while a student was roaming the high school with a gun because the teachers may have had snacks. Don’t bother calling the front office parents, your kid brought a water bottle to school so he’s fine.

Claudio Coria to the rescue, he got those makeshift toilets delivered just in time! Do the boys who are pretending to be girls get to use the deodorizing powder? There’s that equality thing at PXU, so we hope all the children smell equally good when they are free to go home. Amazing, the girls can get a private space in the classroom during a lockdown but not necessarily in the girls restroom on campus.

Suddenly Phoenix Union is concerned with expenses. Maybe $162,00 is a fantastic deal, but isn’t this just a band-aid? Let’s fix the problem all you overpaid administrators! And if the governing board is tying your hands, then let the public know. Former Superintendent Chad Gestson did some slick videos during his tenure. Use those resources to inform your community how bad the situation is for your students AND TEACHERS and then maybe we will see some action by the governing board. You may even be able to arouse Governing Board member Lela Alston.

Mr. Coria, what is the “normal” duration for a lockdown? Readers, see how common these lockdowns are? Did you know that from ABC15, AZFamily, Fox 10, or 12News?

And there it is: Chaos. Chaos results in anxious and confused students. Bring in the unregulated counselors to talk to students about anything, not just the stress of the latest lockdown.

Wow, Safety Czar Coria is preparing for a real team for support during lockdowns. We can infer nothing will improve this academic year. Not only do PXU’s current policies put staff, teachers, and students at risk, think of all the learning loss due to these lockdowns. This is unacceptable. This entire district is on fire and the situation has been ignored for way too long. Tucson Unified families, you are next as your current Superintendent, Dr. Gabriel Trujillo, was an adminstrator at Phoenix Union before his current post. Suburban Arizona districts are already enveloped with agendas instead of academics, and Restorative Justice has become the new norm. Send your children to public school at their own risk.

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