It’s Worse in Alberta, Canada Than We Thought; Maybe Help is on the Way

The promoters of radical sex ed continue to outdo themselves.  Canada has huge problems with mandatory sex ed, and as the issues are coming to light it appears the individuals and groups behind it are pushing controversial material that reaches a new level.

Just like in Fairfax County, Virginia where one parent is organizing pushback, the same is occurring in Alberta.  Donna Trimble is the executive director of  Parents for Choice in Education designed to affirm Canadian parents’ authority over the education of their children.  Some states in the USA are lucky, they have opt-in requirements for sex ed.  But many don’t and children may be subjected to material they or their parents are not comfortable with.

It is much worse in Canada, a country with heavy top-down authority from the government.  Here is a video of material the Canadian government is promoting, with tax dollars.  The material is not meant for children, unless of course your child goes to school in Alberta, then they may see it without their parents’ knowledge.  Notice the narrator mentions the Gay-Straight Alliance groups are brought into a school when the children ask for it.  This same excuse was used when Tucson Unified Schools debated last year about Planned Parenthood influencing their new sex ed curriculum.  If these same students ask for cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs in school, will the administration comply?

It is clear that the University of Alberta professor named in the video, Dr. Kristopher Wells, has one thing on his mind.  Is he teaching college to actually prepare students for their careers or is he there to push his radical agenda on vulnerable students while on the government dole?  His Twitter timeline is one long thesis promoting the LGBQXYZ lifestyle and criticizing those who believe schools shouldn’t have a role in this.

Not only does Dr. Wells have the Baptists upset, he’s gotten in the crosshairs of some of the Catholic schools in Canada.

The schools refused to implement the mandatory LGBTQXYZ regulations, so Wells called them out and gave them failing grades.  Note that Wells can criticize these Catholic schools, but they can’t criticize his actions.  And is it a coincidence that Planned Parenthood of Arizona also sent report cards to school districts with letter grades several years ago?

Luckily for Alberta there is a group concerned parents can contact.  Please contact Informed Albertans to stay up to date and jump in if you feel called to fight back against those who are using your children as guinea pigs.

And of course, not all Catholic schools in Canada are standing their ground against Education Minister David Eggen who is enforcing these policies.  We have a slew of “Catholic in Name Only” Schools in the United States, and Canada has some, also.  It’s amazing to see Christian schools follow the culture instead of Jesus Christ.  Fort McMurray Catholic Schools are embracing the LGBTQ policies.  Here is an excerpt from the article about the Catholic school district:

There is no doubt that eventually the Canadian government will force Catholic priests to perform same-sex “marriage”.  (Marriage is parenthesized because the goal isn’t possible.)  What will the Church do then?  They have set the precedent by bowing to a few loud, radical individuals with deep pockets behind them.

Americans can learn from Canada’s mistakes.  Now is the time to push back in the United States.  Don’t think we are safe because there is a new sheriff in the White House. Oddly enough, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos got busy once confirmed.  One of her first meetings was with GLSEN, not with those opposed to the radical sex agendas demanded by GLSEN and Planned Parenthood.  It remains to be seen whether the rest of us will get a seat at her table.





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