Tucson Unified Gets Pushback from Concerned Parents

It was supposed to be easy.  Nobody was supposed to be looking.  Planned Parenthood Arizona’s education arm is local and many families are out of town on vacation.  There are at least two Planned Parenthood accomplices on the Tucson Unified School Board, Adelita Grijalva and Kristel Foster.

When the school board starting receiving emails against Planned Parenthood, there was chatter by some that the non for-profit organization wasn’t even a player in the possible development of the new sex ed curriculum.  That’s funny, at the April 19th Tucson Unified Board meeting, it was stated Planned Parenthood helped develop the proposed policy revision regarding sex ed.

And if Planned Parenthood was at home with its feet up, explain this:

That looks like a brand-spanking new Pink t-shirt!  And it’s a typical reaction.  Instead of admitting the goal all along is to slip in Planned Parenthood, they twist the facts and make it seem those opposed have incorrect information.  Replay of Tempe Union High Schools when the superintendent did the same thing.  The taxpayers were wrong, said Dr. Kenneth Baca, but his school board allowed Vicki Hadd-Wissler, Planned Parenthood Arizona’s child manipulation director, 90 minutes to present her curriculums.

Check out this display when a pro-Comprehensive Sex Ed (Planned Parenthood) citizen spoke:

Surely these students just happened to sit together with their signs.  And it’s coincidental that at the break board member Adelita Grijalva made it a point to have a conversation with the student supporters.  Maybe they were planning their next strategy since Plan A didn’t work as quickly as they had hoped.

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