Hope For Fairfax County, Virginia

It has been awhile since we wrote about the controversial sex ed curriculum which was passed in Fairfax County, Virginia schools.  Not surprisingly, just miles from Washington, DC, the school board passed a dangerous curriculum.  This highly taxed area should have better representation.

However, one parent could no longer sit back and wait for someone else to do something about it.  Not only has she gathered other parents, there is also now a website dealing strictly with Fairfax County’s sex ed endeavors along with an overview and evaluation of various sex curriculums.  ParentAndChild.org is worth visiting, and if you’re in the Northern Virginia area, contact them and give them a hand.  Don’t be swayed by the words “Family Life Education Curriculum”:

On a side note, if you are reviewing your district’s sex ed curriculum, pay very close attention to other pamphlets, videos, and links associated with the material.  That is where the dangers may be hidden.  Fairfax County is a mecca for many cultures.  Catholics and Evangelicals are not the only groups who believe sex ed begins and ends at home.  The Muslim community and many Asian cultures are not comfortable with Comprehensive Sex Ed and its content.  Those in Fairfax County are thankful they have an organization to represent them as they did not expect this from our country’s schools.

Along with ParentAndChild.org, Fairfax County is lucky enough to have an additional resource to monitor the schools.  Concerned Parents and Educators of Fairfax County is a resource to provide parental supervision to the school board.  This is a great idea and a must for every school district nationwide!  Even if sex ed issues aren’t of interest to you, check out their organization.  School boards fly under the radar and normally are a rubber stamp for the Superintendent.  They also spend money recklessly because we let them.

Congratulations to the parents in Fairfax County.


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