Cronyism, Grifters, and Local Superintendent Appointments

Parents of school age children watch anxiously while a new Superintendent search takes place to fill a vacancy in a school district. They often wonder how the process really works and why superintendents, even those who have an unsuccessful track record, are recycled from district to district.

Local governing boards have the responsibility of hiring a new superintendent. We know about the agendas being pushed on students, and those members who support these agendas are the same members who choose the new head of the district. One would think test scores, academics, and campus safety would be driving factors, but there is a bigger factor: Cronyism.

Dr. Chad Gestson stepped down recently as superintendent of Phoenix Union High School District (PXU). During his time at PXU the district gained notoriety for LGBTQ sexxx education and fights on campuses. Students matriculated through the system without learning basics needed to become productive members of society. Dr. Gestson did gain positive attention from the federal government when he held clinics on school campuses to inject the community with a bioweapon. It’s quite a resume.

Dr. Gestson’s wife, Megan Gestson, is also in the business of education. She has been employed by the Roosevelt School District for quite some time.

“Social-Emotional needs”, what a money-maker for those who can sell these programs to schools and other institutions. Here is more of Mrs. Gestson, cheering on her Red for Ed pals.

Roosevelt School District recently chose a new superintendent. Word on the street is Dani Portillo Verduzco is a sorority sister of Mrs. Gestson.

Superintendent Verduzco also worked at Phoenix Union High School District under Superintendent Gestson. She also was at Pendergast, Martin Quezada’s district. It will be surprising if Roosevelt focuses on academics moving forward.

Phoenix Union’s Stephanie Parra is also Superintendent Verduzco’s pal. Here is one of Ms. Verduzco’s tweets featuring Stephanie Parra.

Thankfully Ms. Parra isn’t gyrating in the above photo like she was during an “education” trip this past Spring.

In Stephanie Parra’s spare time, she plays the role of an adult who cares deeply for the students attending Phoenix Union schools in her role on the governing board. In real life, PXU’s campuses are dangerous and although some teachers try hard, unsuccessful and liberal agendas rate over academics. Who believes Superintendent Verduzco will step out of the box and go a different direction than that of the Gestsons and Ms. Parra?

There is that “ALL in Education” again, the non-profit Ms. Parra runs so she can travel to Austin and party. She brings in a pretty good salary from All in Education to press the flesh with other education grifters.

For clarification, the “All” in All in Education does not stand for everybody, it stands for Arizona Latino Leaders. That sounds kind of racist and not real inclusive. The Gestsons somehow made it in the club, probably for pushing Social Emotional Learning, Planned Parenthood, Rainbow Safe Spaces, and Critical Race Theory so Parra and her cronies acquire more power and money. According to the Arizona Mirror, back in 2019 when ALL in Education was launched, the group was looking to raise $100,000 to fund its operations. Stephanie Parra’s salary is more than that, so was that a cover or was the organization hijacked?

Here is more on the founder of ALL in Education, Luis Avila. He says he’s male in case anyone wondered.

No worries, the grants are pouring in one way or another.

Money buys power and power is a magnet for more money. As usual, the students lose while the adults create their own social life and power structure. Besides the millions of tax dollars pouring into public schools and disappearing in the administration ranks, there are thousands and thousands of dollars being spent on “education” through private organizations and businesses. We see no positive academic results; instead we have the politicalization of education and the decline of the culture. When the children lose, the United States loses.

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