Another Education App in Arizona Leading Kids to Adult Material

Because it is impossible to avoid the current digital age, we must be more careful what programs and apps are available to children, especially those marketed through schools. In just a few clicks, students can dive into a world of topics never approved by the governing board about subjects meant only for adults.

Maricopa School District in Pinal County is sending constituents (which includes children) to a computer tool called Symbaloo.

This sounds intriguing, but as usual, the devil is in the details. Here is a link to an introductory letter from the principal at Maricopa Elementary School in Maricopa. The letter is screenshotted in its entirety below in case it is removed.

This letter is loaded with red flags. Dr. Robinson refers to the Whole Child. Nothing good will come from that as we have documented and are continuing to explore. When a student or parent clicks on Symbaloo, the above warning pops up. If there were no issues with the content children may find on Symbaloo, Maricopa School District would not bother to wash its hands of responsibility. The principal at Butterfield Elementary School posted a similar message which also links to Symbaloo.

Back to Symbaloo itself, once a user enters the site there are options on a board to choose from. Here is one that popped up during a search. Many of these tabs are great learning tools, but some will expose children to content that may not be suitable or approved by his or her parents.

The board below appeared when we entered Symbaloo through Maricopa District Schools.

Because these links are digital, they can be changed. For example, if the Symbaloo representatives try to sell their product to a school district, they will show the administration and governing board the most educational and benign links. The links can be altered once the product is sold, as can the information within each link.

One of the tiles is Edutopia: Edutopia is developed in conjunction with with the George Lucas Foundation. That may sound like Star Wars to some, but it really is Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Perhaps Arizona Democrat AND Republican legislators retained SEL in Arizona schools because there is just so much money to be made off it.

“Culturally Responsive Math”? How can math change based on the color of a person’s skin? Also, note above the preschool grab with “Culturally Responsive Early Childhood Education.” This is a great opportunity to use little kids as lab experiments and fill their developing brains with cultural and sexual agendas they aren’t mature enough to handle. No wonder they will need mental health assistance in the future and then can become lifelong drug users via Big Pharma.

Brainpop has proven to be another source of LGBTQ indoctrination. Here are some screenshots from this link on the Brainpop website.

For those who say Social Emotional Learning has nothing to do with sexxxual teaching, Brainpop just proved it is all connected. Brainpop even contains a link to Social Emotional Learning.

Brainpop and Edutopia are not the only problem tiles on the Symbaloo board. Another which stands out is Pearson (remember Common Core?), which is rebranded as Savvas and is used far and wide in American schools, including Arizona districts. Of course Savvas is saturating Arizona–Pearson is based in Chandler.

Savvas also pushes digital curriculum. What could go wrong?

Too bad Savvas cares more about Corporate Social Responsibility than academics. But really it is all about money. Sex sells. The sex industry is huge, and what better way to create lifelong customers than to weave adult subjects in young kids’ curriculum and software. Listen to governing board meetings. It’s common now for members to refer to various apps being used for a variety of purposes. For years almost nobody has questioned these products. Now that some board members have been elected to answer to the taxpayers, school administrations and many fellow board members are horrified that questions are being asked. On Wednesday Crayola Crayon Hair Higley Governing Board Member Amanda Wade went on a seven minute rant about trusting teachers and how dare anyone question the intentions of any educator. Why are she and most other governing board members in Arizona a rubber stamp for anything a teacher or “educator” desires? We mean anything,

Check out Symbaloo’s partners. One is called, which is based in The Netherlands. It is a webshop which offers merchandise in many categories.

Here is where we must issue a warning: Once your child is in the Symbaloo website, they can be directed to From there, they can access products which are meant for adults. We will not post screenshots of what is selling. Keep in mind children are directed there through their elementary school in Arizona. Categories scroll across the page, look what one of the options is.

As we said, sexxxxx sells and merchandisers know it. Who else knows it? The University of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Well, well, well Chris Cicchinelli, the guy who sells sexxx toys to then fund child mutilation and sterilization is selling his book on We won’t check to see if any of Cicchinelli’s toys are also on Maybe some teachers can tell us.

Chris Cichinelli gave us all we need to close out this post. Sexxx sells, indoctrinate kids, have them question their identity, get them to question their parents, “educators” will direct their upbringing using professional development, eventually the government will take over, and everyone in the loop will make a lot of money except teachers. We hear they are coming for our children. Too late, they’ve already got them.

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