Fights at “Safe Spaces” Phoenix Union High Schools Continue, District Keeps Community in the Dark

Since the first day of school this academic year, we have received phone calls and messages about the fights occurring on a regular basis in Phoenix Union High Schools (PXU). The first day of school we were told the fight was at Camelback, and since then there have been fights at other campuses, including Trevor Browne and Central High.

On or about August 25th, 2022, the fighting was so bad the legal team for Phoenix Union was called to Trevor Browne the following day. There are witness reports that as many as 20 students were involved during the fight and the situation was out of control. Let’s not forget PXU dumped campus police and hired additional social workers so students can feel good about themselves be directed to the Arizona Department of Education Sex Chat Rooms. Remember those Safe Space rainbow stickers some Phoenix Union staff installed on their doors after attending Diversity Camp? Evidently the classrooms really aren’t a “safe space”.

Over the summer we reported about campus fights and the Phoenix Union administration hiding these situations from media and parents. We decided to see what we could find out about the fight so we sent the following records requests.

Chad Gestson is the Phoenix Union Superintendent and Stephanie Streeter is the Trevor Browne High School principal. We received an interesting response from the very nice woman who normally handles public records communications.

We thought it was a little strange that suddenly the legal department was handling public records requests, especially requests about a legal situation. Is this a little bit of the fox guarding the henhouse? It looks that way because although there were reports of Legal swooping in to Trevor Browne on August 26th, neither Gestson nor Streeter were involved according to…….Legal. Woud the legal team be sent out of the blue with no communication with the superintenent or the school’s principal?

Hmmm…..what to do. Well, we didn’t have to wait too long and just like that there was another fight, this time on September 9, 2022 and this time at Central High School. Let’s be clear since we know either the Phoenix Union administration reads these posts or they have assigned someone else to. The teachers are scared for their lives. The teachers are scared for their students’ lives. The teachers are muzzled, this time not by facemasks, but by threats from administration. This time the fighting was so bad both police and media responded.

Finally our local, lazy media could no longer ignore the situation Superintendent Gestson and Planned Parenthood Emeritus Lela Alston on the governing board have created.

Does the PXU Governing Board know teachers’ communications about these fights are being monitored? We know the Board put on a dog and pony show over the summer about some safety program. It wasn’t meant to keep anyone safe, it was just a CYA by Gestson.

What about the guns on campus? Aren’t schools “gun-free” zones? How’s that working out Phoenix Union? Care to tell the media? Or will you threaten your staff members for bursting your bubble? When someone gets hurt or killed, are you ready for a lawsuit? Does your dress code permit Black Lives Matter shirts? Is that being worn by some on staff to promote riots?

On September 1, 2022 a special ed student was viciously attacked at Trevor Browne. Streeter and Gestson were busy in a seminar in another state, not that their presence would have helped the child.

No worries, Phoenix Union is a safe district because Superintendent Gestson bribed his staff, students, and community to take an experimental shot made using tiny babies. Don’t discuss the fights, guns, threats, gangs, overcrowding, and lack of police presence on his many campuses, just know Chad Gestson played all his political cards for the Covid White House.

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