First in a Series: Social Workers or Police in Phoenix Union?

Phoenix Union High School District will soon be looking for a new superintendent. While it may be a relief to some that Chad Gestson is resiging, the situation may actually get worse. Some think the current governing board may hire a new leader they can better mold to their liking.

For some reason the community has been kept in the dark about the lack of safety on Phoenix Union campuses. We have many videos and can no longer wait for the proper authorities and approved media to share the truth about these campuses. Also, on April 13th, the governing board will be voting whether to allow SROs back on campus. This AZCentral article is screenshotted so everyone can read it without paying since it explains how the lack of safety on Phoenix Union campuses developed.

Abia Khan was quoted above as saying “the students are going to feel so much safer”. We are hearing students do not feel safe, and that is why they are sharing videos.

Here is an email which went out two days ago.

Those who live in Phoenix Union neighborhoods, how safe do you feel right now? Residents better start paying attention because the district’s social workers can’t solve these problems. More videos will be forthcoming in a future post.

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