Creepy Tucson School Counselor Update, Creepy Tucson Lawmaker Update, and Really Creepy Tony Navarette Update

9-25-23 Update

Earlier today, the Drag Show LGBTQ counselor in the post below was sentenced to a year in jail plus probation. Here is the link from KOLD 13 in Tucson. Please watch the entire video. In the last sentence, the reporter lists the conditions to be met so that the creepy counselor WILL NOT be listed as a sex offender.

Spare us the tears, Creepy Counselor, your victim and the community should be the ones crying.

Original Post:

Last year Tucson Magnet High School somehow got permission to use government buildings to host a Drag Queen show. Not long after, one of the school’s counselors who planned the Drag Show was arrested and charged with engaging in an inappropriate relationship with one of her students. Now Zobella Vinik awaits her fate. Will she do time in jail or get her hand slapped with probation?

What a surprise, a school counselor. These are not the academic counselors we trusted in high school, yet school districts are hiring more and more under the guise of “mental health”, paid for by Medicaid funds. Here are some internal communications leading up to the Drag Show, held at a public school, a building paid for by taxpayers.

Ms. Vinik did not appear to be getting any resistance from staff members. In fact, there is an entire team at Tucson Magnet High School encouraging her Drag Show. Notice one of the email recipients named “Hamilton”. Hamilton is transgender, as reported by AZ Free News. Below is a podcast featuring Hamilton, whose real name is April Hamilton, when she was a counseling student at the University of Arizona.

More on U of A later.

The biggest concern by the Tucson Magnet staff isn’t sexxxualizing the community, especially minors, it is Covid-19 protocols.

There were several emails about the Drag Show flyer. Administrators were on the clock, being paid by taxpayers, creating and promoting a Drag Queen show at a public school. Those manhours were not used for educational purposes. Remember this when Tucson Unified guilts taxpayers about a bond override.

The Tucson Groomers worked out details, were confident the event would be approved, and carried on as long as Covid was addressed.

And if any parents or community members contest the use of government-funded buildings and staff for the obscene event, a statement was prepared.

It’s just another day in Tucson. Earlier this week, Drag Show freaks failed enormously in their attempt to recall freshman state Senator Justine Wadsack. What is it with these sexxx perverts and their obsession with parents or elected officials who want to protect kids?

Democrats fight parents and science tooth and nail, especially at the Arizona Legislature. Meet Tucson Magnet High yoga teacher Nancy Guitierrez.

We don’t know if Representative Gutierrez attended the Drag Show at her place of employment. She does spend a lot of time on Twitter/X. Below she pretends it’s a big loss if a yoga teacher is absent.

Representative Gutierrez, you and your ilk have no business discussing anything about sex or birth control with children unless they are your own.

Maybe when Representative Gutierrez isn’t at the legislature, she can sit in on an anatomy class at her school to learn about female reproductive organs. That should make it clear men can’t get pregnant nor have abortions.

One of the problems with not acknowledging there are differences between men and women is Representative Gutierrez puts young, female athletes in physical danger by playing with and against bigger and stronger males. Why does Yoga Teacher Nancy wish injury on girls? Do her female students’ parents know she won’t protect their daughters?

Representative Gutierrez is in denial that girls are apprehensive about using school restrooms currently. Maybe she should spend less time in her bubble at the legislature and more time in reality. Speaking of reality, what is going on in Tucson? Just a few blocks from Tucson Magnet High School, the University of Arizona College of Nursing was exposed this week for teaching three year olds transgender lessons. The University of Arizona was once known for its strong science programs, but that is no longer the case.

The Creep of the Week Award has to go to former Arizona State Legislator Tony Navarette, who may face 49 years in prison for his inappropriate sexual activities with minors.

As a legislator, Tony Navarette spent lots of time with children and thinking about sex. Remember these creeps when governing board members lecture the community about “trusting the experts”. Parents, you are the experts, not the clowns in schools and government who have sexual fantasies about your children.

Update September 9, 2023

Thanks to a reader who searched for Zobella Vinik in the discipline link on the Arizona State Board of Education website. Ms. Vinik voluntarily surrendered her Arizona teaching certificate last year.

Discipline cases are an area Arizonans have to keep a better eye on, especially with the reporting done on Twitter/X by @ALegalProcess after a recent Arizona State Board of Education Meeting. Here is one example of the educator discipline screenshots the accountholder shared on the X social media platform on August 23rd.

Ms. Vinik is not an isolated incident. Enroll your children in public schools at your own risk.

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