Stand For Children Hired Self-Loving Politician to Endorse Social Workers

Tucson is rife with politicians who claim to care about children but don’t really support them, instead using the little tykes as money-grabs to further their own perverted political agenda. Several years ago, Daniel Hernandez, another single young man with no children (who happens to be from Tucson), had enough interest in children to run for Sunnyside School District Governing Board. His success in that race eventually launched him into Arizona state politics, winning several terms as a legislator. Of course, children were his focus, especially since he founded the LGBTQ Caucus in the Arizona House. Why didn’t the Founding Fathers think of such a caucus? The mental and emotional health of the country’s children could have been damaged centuries ago; so many opportunities have been wasted. Good thing we have a plethora of unlicensed “professionals” parading through schools now to stand with the children.

For some reason, Representative Hernandez decided to not seek reelection in 2022 and tossed his hat into a congressional race. That proved to be unsuccessful, but somehow faster than the speed of light, Daniel Hernandez was offered a plum job with a “non-profit” out of Oregon called Stand for Children. Awwww, just the name of the organization makes hearts flutter.

Stand For Children has branches in several states. Fresh off the 2018 Red for Ed fairy tale where caring teachers walked out on their students for six days, Arizona was a perfect opportunity to dump large amounts of money into Big Education and tell us the outcome for students would be positive.

Here is Stand for Children’s mission, and it has nothing to do with academics.

No wonder Daniel Hernandez was hired by Stand for Children. He’s got some buddies from the Arizona Legislature who also really like kids. Here is his pal Tony Navarette.

Just a quick reminder, here is Tony Navarette today.

This screenshot within the 12 News article is important.

Meanwhile, Navarette’s pal was out partying and admiring himself, while swearing and laughing at sin.

Yes, these young men are sexually attracted to other males. They did not designate what age. Now that Navarette has scarred children for life, bring in the mental health counselors and social workers, right Mr. Hernandez? Here are screenshots from Stand for Children’s 990 from the year 2020. This organization does not produce a product or service, it is merely a hefty slush fund for liberal policy politics, at the expense of childrens’ innocence.

And here it is, Stand For Children supports more social workers in schools and universal Pre-K indoctrination centers for all 3-4 year olds! Who would have thought?

Stand For Children looks like a well-funded Whole/Community School promoter. Let’s watch the organization slip Planned Parenthood into schools as “health centers”. But wait, could this bio of Daniel Hernandez be coincidental?

In Arizona, school counselors are unregulated and not subject to any professional board oversight. The Arizona Department of Education only certifies their educational background, then sets them loose in schools. Then there is this article below about the Arizona Department of Child Safety.,themselves%20a%20%E2%80%9Cprofessional%20kidnapper.%E2%80%9D

Regardless of why those t-shirts were worn, more social workers and counselors around children with parents out of the mix in a school setting WILL lead to more children removed from families, many times without cause. Keep your child in government schools at your own risk.

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