Politicians, Children, and Campaigns–is it Photo Ops or More?

All the possible wicked what-ifs lined up late Thursday when word spread that Arizona State Senator Tony Navarette was arrested on sexual activities with a minor. Sadly, this is just another in a long line of people with authority who have been either accused of or found guilty of sins against children. While Senator Navarette has a right to due process like every American, there is a taped confession that was released to the media where he apologized to one of his victims. It will be hard for him to deny any involvement.

What led Navarette to this behavior we may never know. However, we have to look to ourselves and what we have allowed as a country and more specifically as Arizonans. We have normalized any kind of sex with any age, anywhere, anytime. Those who didn’t go along with the free as a bird and a bee mentality have been marginalized, teased, called names, told we are intolerant, and ordered not to judge. So who got hurt? Not just the Senator’s career, but the victims and also the entire family. Yes, the entire Navarette family will bear the burden of one man’s actions for a very long time. Just as a community is affected when good occurs, the same happens when bad occurs, and the rippling effects can be endless. Remember in April of 2019 when Superintendent Kathy Hoffman stood outside the Arizona Capitol after restrictions on gay sex ed were eliminated and proclaimed “Love is love is love is love is love.” Navaratte, a founding member of the Arizona Legislature’s LGBTQalphabet caucus agreed.

As we said in our most recent post, we had planned on writing about why politicians in Arizona, especially males, have so much access to children under the guise of “caring”. Unfortunately our concerns played out quickly. Now it’s time to address how easy it was for Navarette to hang out with our children. First, let’s recognize the group Navarette helped form at the legislature, the LGBT Caucus. Why have more alphabet letters been added over the last few years? Don’t criticize this group or else. Here is a clip from the Cronkite News link that is telling.

Unfortunately in January 2020, Arizona State President Karen Fann did NOT allow Senator Sylvia Allen’s bill, SB1082, to be heard. This bill would have protected Arizona’s children. The Republicans were in the majority, why was this decision made?

Why do so many single men in the Arizona Legislature want to be around other people’s kids? Not only do they want to be around all these kids, they want to tell the parents of the children how they should be raised by running controversial bills via their powerful positions in the legislature. Think about it: A group of men with no children of their own and no experience parenting tells intact families who worship God on Sunday how to raise their children. Here is a bill Senator Tony Navarette hoped to become law in Arizona.

At this point, visual aids will prove how much contact Senator Tony Navarette had with children, along with his friends who allowed it, even encouraged it.

Last year the Arizona Legislative LGBTQ Caucus was asked if they support Drag Queen story hour for children. They never responded. Maybe this is why, look at Navarette and Arizona State Legislator Daniel Hernandez, who is planning to run for United States Congress so he can take his act on the road.

Every Red for Ed activity allows the adult to gain access to schools and children. All for photo ops, for votes, for fundraising, for empathy. Or so we are told.

Remember when Arizona State President Karen Fann’s biggest problem was enforcing masks on the senate floor?

Let’s revisit Tony Navarette’s friends and colleagues who provided these opportunities for him. No surprise, Phoenix Union Governing Board member AND State Senator Lela Alston leads the way!

It’s nice Navarette’s enablers crossed party lines. This picture includes the most recent losers in the Arizona Legislature, Heather Carter and Kate Brophy-McGee, who Republicans kicked to the curb last year. And no surprise empty suit State Senator Sean Bowie is right next to Navarette. Bowie actually encourages the LGBTQalphabet agenda but stays kind of quiet about it due to LD18 being a swing district.

Are we going to continually refer to LGBTQ child sex predators as a “health issue”?

Will Arizona’s LGBTQ Legislative Caucus denounce this bill in California? Will they promise to never write a bill similar to California’s?

Keep in mind the AEA doesn’t think parents can decide whether or not their child should wear a mask in school, but simultaneously Senator Navarette was allowed to befriend all these same children. No worries, Navarette wanted them safe.

Arizonans, where do we go from here?

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