Adults are Using Schools for Unlimited Sexual Access to Arizona’s Children

The droning from the Arizona Education Association (AEA), Red for Ed, most Arizona teachers, Democrats, and the like, made it clear a week ago the educational system has been reconstructed to allow adults, with or without a background check, access to children as young as five years old. The purpose is to sexually groom them. Yes, their purpose is to sexually groom children. There is no doubt anymore. The adults in the room who don’t realize this may be subtly coerced to be an accomplice. Just a few days ago we planned to lay out how this has occurred. Due to yesterday’s ear-opening confession of Arizona State Senator Tony Navarette, the results of this construction project are as clear as day. We will address the recent news about Senator Navarette and the responsibility the adults in his circle bear in a subsequent post.

Many schools in Arizona closed for close to a year due to a virus last year, a virus that is not dangerous to children. At the onset of the Covid virus, the situation was scary and we heard many times “due to an abundance of caution.” Very well, as a society we obliged. It didn’t take long for the medical community to realize Covid-19 was most dangerous to the elderly and those with health issues. With that information, most schools remained closed.

Teachers, both K-12 and college, for the most part prefer teaching in person. They can better monitor the students’ body language, the students aren’t distracted by others in the home, and the children can network with other kids, both socially and academically. As districts prepared to completely reopen this fall, the calls from the Big Education groups for mandatory masks and “vaccines” became louder and louder. Is it a power play against Governor Doug Ducey and the Republican-led Arizona Legislature or is there an underlying reason?

The scare tactics being used by the AEA and others are simply to close schools and continue with virtual learning across the board. If teachers are really scared of Covid, these educators wouldn’t have shown up en masse and most without masks nor social distancing to a recent meeting to hear Joe Thomas, Arizona Educatiion Association President.

The sex industry has taken advantage of online learning. It is easy for software companies to slip obscene advertising, curriculum, “community health”, and social groups into an online setting, insinuating the material is necessary for student success. Parents cannot watch everything their children are downloading, and often parents are managing their own jobs or other children while the school-age children are immersed on the internet. Online learning didn’t start out sexually devient, but the opportunities presented themselves quickly and the bad guys took advantage.

We have documented some of the online shenanigans happening in Arizona, from library data bases to community health. Now another issue has surfaced. When children are at home in front of a computer screen, they miss important opportunities for socialization. Even homeschool groups realize this and schedule group events to supplement. What does a lonely preteen or teenager do while parents are earning a living and he or she is cut off from friends and extra-curricular activities? Often the kids acquire some sort of depression or doubt from the loneliness. What an opportunity for Big Education “educators” to fill the gap.

Has anyone noticed all the peripheral groups which have planted themselves in school districts the last number of years? We were originally concerned about Planned Parenthood, then GLSEN, but that was just the beginning. The number of organizations grew due to push by the unions, politicians, educators, and government funding. And they became more localized, closer to the school and student. That sounds good until adults we don’t know much about have access to our children. Just because an adult advisor is an employee of a school district means nothing anymore. Yes, they have to go through background checks, but it is beginning to look like some of the employees are actually sexually stalking children, using schools as a vessel.

One recent example is is Aude Odeh , the Deer Valley teacher who was recently arrested for sexual misconduct with a 17-year old girl. This went on for several years before the district dealt with it. This screenshot is from Channel 12’s piece.

Channel 12 may have reported the Odeh story, but ABC15’s Steve Irvin was pals with Mr. Odeh and incessantly defends teachers and Red for Ed on Twitter, blocking those who challenge him. Look at all the kids in the background of the photo with Mr. Odeh.

Here is another accomplice to Mr. Aude Odeh, Legislative District 26 Representative Athena Salman. The media leads us to believe she is okay because she is an elected official; keep that in mind as we muddle through this sick mess they created.

How did Mr. Odeh slip through the cracks? Let’s ask Bloom365. This is one of the newer groups created to help kids dealing with dating violence. Bloom365 is how Mr. Odeh got access to his prey at Barry Goldwater High School.

Is Bloom365 a source for help with teen dating violence or a front for sexual and social agendas? Here are some screenshots from Bloom365’s 2017 annual report.

More research needs to be done on this organization, but it is part of a wide variety of groups who claim to help students but need to be watched carefully. Even Arizona State University is tied to Bloom365. What do the parents of the Bloom365 students know about the adult mentors, even those who are students at ASU? What kind of supervision occurred, or were the adult mentors the supervision?

Here is a more recent investigation occurring at a quiet neighborhood school in Gilbert. Again, there are a few key words by the police. The suspect is a custodian; notice he is using an app to share harmful material.

It must be difficult for Aude Odeh and Red for Ed supporter ABC15’s Steve Irvin to continue reporting on his dear school chums.

It can’t be ignored that Red for Ed politicians, AEA representatives, and most in Big Education are the same people who push sex ed to children along with therapists in the school setting. Don’t fall for this anymore, it’s all part of sexual grooming, normalizing anything that takes away the innocence of kids. Those who are religious know this is the work of Satan. Even those who are not religious recognize good vs. evil, but it’s important to understand a clear dividing line. If not, the weak will be embroiled in the scheme.

We started this website because of Planned Parenthood. Over time many folks, even on the Republican side, got sucked into Planned Parenthood’s talking points. This link written by Planned Parenthood is telling. It really showcases the abortion mill as the authority on a subject that is dealt with in the family. This is why they support Democrats and then push Democrats to promote sex ed. The candidates comply.

There it is, online and digital sexual resources. The more your children are on a device, the more the obscene sex industry preys on them, with the help of Democrats, teacher unions, and many well-funded front groups. This is also a way for children to be lured into the sex trafficking industry, of which Arizona leads the country.

Part two will address Senator Tony Navaratte’s arrest and why it is not a surprise.

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