Creepy Library in Maryland and Its Surprising Supporters

Earlier this spring, a homeschooling mother in Maryland became aware of a Sex Ed program for children scheduled at her local library.  She decided to check it out and to her dismay found out parents weren’t welcome at the class.

It would have been much easier for this mother to simply not allow her kids to attend the “educational” event and mind her own business.  That is what the library and those administering the class wanted.  Remember the mother in Olympia, Washington who was booted from her child’s sex ed class at school?  The library is taxpayer-funded, and government should not endanger kids.  Also, the library and the sex ed instructor, Bianca Palmisano, have no legal right to come between parents and kids.  While the library may not be promoting or funding the class, they invited the speaker and are her providing space.

On a more personal matter, when an adult witnesses harm to a child, whether physical or emotional, and does nothing he or she becomes an accessory to the crime.  The parents in Lexington Park, Maryland who are bringing attention to the library ordeal are doing so for the safety of the community’s children.

Ms. Bianca Palmisano is the instructor invited by the Maryland library to teach the kids only sex ed class.  Why are parents not welcome?  Check out Ms. Palmisano’s twitter profile:

Maybe the children’s parents would like their kids to learn about sex within a loving marriage, which is only possible between a man and a woman.

If the library doors are closed and the parents are outside, does Ms. Palmisano use visual aids, even maybe the children as visual aids?  She seems pretty desperate to be touching other people:

And of course, there is money involved.  While Ms. Palmisano has her own sex ed business, it appears she is motivated by an agenda to promote the LGBTQXYZ culture.

Ms. Palmisano’s website explains how her services can be used for businesses to stay out of legal trouble.  What’s new, the open-minded LGBT community is forcing their views in every business, aided by Ms. Palmisano.

Maybe the best reason Ms. Palmisano’s class was cause for alarm is her own words on her blog.  Sit down before reading it.

According to the mother who brought attention to this matter, even the local Catholic community leaders have discouraged her.  They told her if she and others protested the decision to hold the secret sex ed class they would be painted like Westboro Baptist Church.  The Catholic leaders didn’t want to come across as opposing the library’s or instuctor’s free speech.

This brings us to the other huge culprit in this mess–the American Library Association.  They have gotten away with events like this and much more due to porn exemption laws in most states and First Amendment rights.  Notinourschools fully supports the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States.  But with it comes responsibility.  Here is a link to the American Library Associations’s (ALA) Bill of Rights and its interpretation on minors and internet activity.  Here are some screenshots of a few statements which parents might want to keep in mind when their kids have library time.

What kind of videos would children attending Ms. Palmisano’s sex class be allowed to upload during or after her talk?  Notice the American Library Association admits graphic material is available.

The ALA is correct, librarians and teachers should educate minors to participate responsibly.   That statement is incomplete, though.  What about parents?  Why are librarians and teachers determining what is ethical and safe for minors?  This is the same jargon we hear from Planned Parenthood about sex ed–the kids have rights to sex ed and the schools and sex ed providers will determine what is acceptable for kids in the community.

The legal statement by ALA is also true, libraries follow laws.  However, in most of the 50 states, there are porn exemption laws for libraries, schools, and museums.  If material can be deemed educational, it falls through the cracks and can be distributed and taught to children under protection of the legal system.

Circling back to Lexington Park’s library and its sex ed class, if you live in the area and any of this concerns you, contact to get involved.  Meanwhile, for those in the rest of the country, there is more to keep an eye on.  Not only do we have to watch our schools’ sex ed materials, we need to keep an eye on our local libraries and their childrens’ programs.

**Update 5-22-17


4 thoughts on “Creepy Library in Maryland and Its Surprising Supporters

  • January 25, 2019 at 9:38 pm

    You have redefined marriage, and today since nobody has to take responsibility for their own actions and how they affect others you can redefine anything to satisfy yourself and yourself only.

    Notinourschools deals with science and reality. Thank you for reading and good luck.

  • June 2, 2017 at 12:09 pm

    First off shame on you for suggesting that this teacher is trying to touch young children behind closed doors. That is wrong, just wrong. You should never imply that someone wants to sexually abuse somebody especially children.

    Second , your statement : “Maybe the children’s parents would like their kids to learn about sex within a loving marriage, which is only possible between a man and a woman.” Since when is it only possible for a man and a woman to have a loving marriage? It is legal for a man to marry and man, and a women to marry a women. It is also possible for the same sex to love each other. And if the parents do not want their kids to attend the class, then they do not have to send the child to the class. If parents want to let their child attend, then they can let them attend. Opposing parents can mind their own business because it is not effecting them.

    It also makes sense that parents are not allowed. If other adults are in the room other children may not feel like it is a safe and confidential space to ask questions and learn about sexual health. It is not a parent child workshop so parents do not need to be there.

    • June 3, 2017 at 2:38 pm

      Read the sex instructor’s twitter feed. You will see why I said she likes to touch people–she offers to touch people. She doesn’t want parents around. Even the Boy Scouts of America has a policy regarding leaders and contact with children, for the protection of all parties.

      Marriage can only occur between a man and a woman. You can’t change biology, nor can the Supreme Court.

      Parents should never be discouraged from being around their children. It is creepy.

      Thank you for reading.

    • January 22, 2019 at 11:51 pm

      Peggy, most of your reply is factually and demonstrably false. Now, I can’t actually access tweets from a year and a half ago (Twittet won’t let me scroll that far), but I can confidently say that those two tweets were part of a much larger chain. And, seeing as exactly one year later she posted, asking if anyone could do a pap smear, I think she is genuinely talking about cervical cancer.

      Regarding the BSA, that’s literally a policy observed by anyone who isn’t an actual pedophile. There’s a reason nobody is freaking out about it: everybody follows that rule, BSA or not.

      Marriage can definitely occur between two men or two women. Marriage is not biological. If you want to talk biology, I’ll bring up the polygamous biology of the human species. But we collectively decided monogamy was better, so our social structures override our biological ones. Incidentally, this is also where your argument happens. Biologically, about 5-10% of a given population should be a part of the LGBTQ community. That population doesn’t have to be humans. Any animal that experiences any sexuality can be included in that population. But people like you have determined that we shouldn’t do that. The rest of us realized that the decisions made 1000 years ago were dumb and needlessly cruel to the 5-10% of us who were affected. I can’t change biology, and neither can the Supreme Court. But we don’t have to. We decide to reflect biology, not twist it. If being gay were somehow unnatural and impossible, then why exactly are there gay couples? Not just two people having sex, but actually in a committed relationship with each other.

      As the original comment says, parents should (sometimes) not be involved in some aspect of their kids’ lives. I definitely didn’t want my parents involved during my sex ed classes, and I would assume you didn’t either. I just hope you realize that kids need an education that isn’t entirely religious. Christians should learn about Christianity, sure, but they can also learn about science and about themselves. And that’s what sex ed classes are about: learning about yourself. Sometimes visual aids (anatomical diagrams, usually) are necessary to understand what’s being taught. To suggest that not only is the teacher assaulting the kids behind closed doors but the kids are also all not telling anyone about it is astonishing. It shows just how far you’re willing to go just to make sure that nothing that doesn’t align with your Christian values can exist in the USA.

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