Parent is Kicked out of Child’s School by Planned Parenthood and Company

Last week we reported that Lincoln Options Elementary School in Olympia, Washington displayed an invitation  bribe to parents from Planned Parenthood inviting them to an evening all about puberty.  As requested, many parents and children showed up for the May 12th event (at $25/family).

However, a parent who pays taxes to support Olympia Schools and Planned Parenthood was kicked out of the building:

(Feel free to advance to the 2:55 mark)

Note the parent did not recognize the individual who took over the school and he would not give his name.  If he was employed by the district wouldn’t he have introduced himself and/or been wearing some form of identification?  Why was he hiding from the camera?

What right did the individual have to threaten to call law enforcement?  There was no violence by anyone in the video.  Who was the individual in the black sweatshirt walking towards the classroom?  It is reported this same person was in the building at an earlier date and had access to the children.  Why does the parent not have the same freedoms to be in the classroom as Planned Parenthood and the mystery guest?

How many of you are going to continue to go along to get along?  Please contact us if you live in Olympia, Seattle, Thurston or King Counties if you do not want Planned Parenthood to have access to your children.

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