A Video Summation of Planned Parenthood’s Arizona Contingent

While we started this website to focus on Planned Parenthood in schools and those who are complicit, we have had to branch out into covering other organizations and personalities who have become main players in their cast of characters. Sometimes it is hard to keep track of the evildoers, and there seem to be more and more each day. As it turns out, Planned Parenthood of Arizona helped with this challenge. The organization did a video at their fundraiser in Arizona in 2019 and we have some clips.

Just this summer we did a post on what seems to be a new organization named Bloom 365. Bloom’s purpose seemed a little mysterious until we found out Aude Odeh, the teacher who was arrested for sexual misconduct with a student, was involved with Bloom 365. It looks like Bloom and Planned Parenthood are trade partners as Bloom had an information table at Planned Parenthood’s get-together.


Current Congressman Greg Stanton has been emasculated by Planned Parenthood so he likely felt at home at the lunch.

We aren’t sure if Congressman Stanton was invited to sing at the event.


Then there are the two Kates who grace the Phoenix political landscape. Planned Parenthood has given Secretary of State Katie Hobbs lots of money for her campaigns. Hopefully she returned the favor (that equity thing) and gave a nice donation to Planned Parenthood at their fundraiser to keep the abortion cycle going.


Chris Love, who schemes with her sister’s school district in Chandler to bring sex to students, must have been on cloud nine while spending one on one time with Gloria Steinem.


And finally, we can’t forget Save our Schools Arizona and its leader, Dawn Penich-Thacker. What more can we say?


We hope this synopsis will help assist in vetting 2022 candidates, especially for the Republicans who seem to have short memories when it comes to school and family issues.

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