AZ Secretary of State, What the Local Media Won’t Tell You

Summers in Arizona are usually quiet and at times quite boring. Nobody wants to go out in the heat and many leave town in order to survive the sweltering temperatures. But just before America’s birthday a few days ago, Arizona’s new Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs, braved the hot weather along with some of her pals at the Capitol. She decided it was proper to hang the Pride flag without permission, and during work hours when she should have been, well…working. The flag was removed quickly because protocol was not followed.

If this action wasn’t disturbing enough, notice Secretary Hobbs’s comments after she unwillingly removed the illegal flag and had to face the mountain of social media comments. Here are some quotes from the MSN article linked above:

“She didn’t need approval.” Does the Secretary think she is above Arizona laws and policies?

“So if you want to hide behind rules, I think that’s pretty sad.” This is a very disturbing comment from the second highest office holder in Arizona. Secretary Hobbs has many important responsibilities. Here is a summary:

Are we to assume Secretary of State Hobbs may or may not follow election and business rules if she doesn’t agree with them? What does her statement about not following rules tell children who challenge their parents and teachers about rules everyday?

“The decision to lower the flag was the result of pure politics.” This statement is a classic. Ms. Hobbs got little push back from the local media, and she got pats on the back from several politicians. Here is a one from Phoenix Union Governing Board member Lela Alston:

Isn’t that funny…..Ms. Alston represents the very school district who would not reveal its sex ed curriculum to us when we set an appointment to review it. It is Arizona law that curriculum be made available for review, but who follows rules?

Here is some financial information regarding Secretary Hobb’s 2018 campaign that was not reported by the local media, although they had plenty of time to run around getting statements from all sides when their beloved Pride flag was lowered.

Arizona List is a lobbying group which financially supports Democratic pro-abortion female candidates in Arizona. Emily’s List does the same on a national basis. But wait, there’s more:

Let’s not forget Tom Steyer, the Californian who loves abortion. $5100 is pocket change to him, but huge for an Arizona election.

Finally, there was one relatively small donation of interest to the Hobbs campaign. It was from the Human Rights Council, supporters of anything LGBTQXYZ.

The “politics” of abortion and Comprehensive Sex Ed, which pushes LGBTQ sex and identity, landed Katie Hobbs $24,200 for her Secretary of State campaign! She really had us fooled, look at the Arizona Capitol Times headline when the endless ballot counting was completed last fall:

Whatever the reason, Ms. Hobbs’s political contributions came with a price. She must do what she can to further undermine Judeo-Christian values and she tried hard on June 28th. Arizona has a history of governors not finishing their terms, and if that occurs the sitting Secretary of State is to take over as governor. Should this happen in the next three and a half years, we have a clear picture of the politics and goals of Ms. Hobbs and her political donors.

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