Chandler Schools Used Rigged Media to Silence Parents at Board Meetings

At least one local school district in Arizona was ahead of United States Attorney General Merrick Garland in accusing parents of being troublemakers when they simply are taking an interest in their child’s education. We now have proof that school administrations are working with the local, one-sided Arizona media to craft board meeting policies.

Chandler Unified School District (CUSD) was once a highly regarded district but not anymore. In the last few years, Planned Parenthood’s presence at board meetings along with the district’s embracement of Critical Race Theory while denying its existence in the curriculum has raised eyebrows.

Like many districts across Arizona, the CUSD Governing Board has been plagued trying to keep the student mask mandates in place while having no scientific evidence there is a benefit to students. It is simply a tactic to keep the Covid money flowing, again, and to scare students into getting the experimental innoculation once the Covid shot is available for youngsters. Meanwhile, most parents saw right through it and wanted their children to breathe oxygen and be treated humanely in the classroom. Thus, just as in other districts, parents and community members implored Chandler to remove the mask mandates. Little did CUSD know the future United States Attorney General would soon label these concerned parents “domestic terrorists” for daring to challenge those they voted for.

The Chandler administration might have set the table for Merrick Garland. The district has been watching the community’s social media and colluding with other districts to protect themselves from, wait for it, those pesky parents! Chandler Police have been notified; Greg Howarth is a member of the Chandler Police Department.

Take a look at the comment above in yellow. “Ms. Mozden may want to be prepared to cut the mic for anybody that follows through with removing their mask.” There isn’t even an option offered for parents who have a medical condition to participate in public comment without a mask. That is ironic since not too long after this email Dr. Camille Casteel, Superintendent of Chandler Schools, was thrown a huge retirement party and guests were not escorted in one by one, but by buses. Why are Covid restrictions put on Chandler parents and students but not the party-goers?

Maybe former President Barack Obama saw how Dr. Casteel and CUSD handled their fun fiesta and that’s why he had a huge 60th birthday bash a few months later on Martha’s Vineyard, no social distancing or masks required. It won’t be long until hard-working American taxpayers will get to see if Joe Biden can outdo both Dr. Casteel and President Obama when he turns 80!

Back to Arizona. For years many of us have wondered why the local media has one narrative about each story and never does any digging to uncover facts. Arizona’s top-notch media tends to report on tweets by Republicans and not much else. This documentary by Tim Gielen is quite long but explains there are two companies which finance most of the world’s corporations. Those two companies are Vanguard and Blackrock. Before we go further with the issues plaguing CUSD, there are two clips from the video which summarize the Arizona media. The first explains how Big Media is all tied together. Our local affiliates fall under this umbrella.

The second clip explains why the news readers recite the same script no matter which outlet they read for. Lo and behold, we now know why the media refers to the United States as a democracy instead of a republic.

With this in mind, here are some emails exchanged with officials both in the school district and Sgt. Howarth from the Chandler Police Department.

It is interesting two governments in Chandler use local media sources, sources which fall under the Vanguard/Blackrock mockingbird media umbrella, to get their “facts.” Now it is clear: The local media sets the tone with lazy reporting to drive a narrative and a school district uses that narrative to make policy. The media doesn’t question the district, in fact it protects the district when a situation becomes heated or controversial. It is likely this scenario is repeated over and over in most Arizona school districts.

To make matters worse, Chandler Police referenced one of the most anti-American, anti-family organizations in the country, the Southern Povery Law Center. Here is a screenshot from the linked article.

In addition to George Soros, Apple, Chase, and Clooney are top funders of SPLC. Here we go again–Apple and JP Morgan Chase fall under the Vanguard/Blackrock umbrella.

As far as the Clooney’s donations to the Southern Poverty Law Center, we have already explained the media ties in the videos above. How is it an organization with the word “Poverty” is funded by some of the richest people in the world? It seems the “disruptors” Chandler’s administration complains about are not the local parents.

The emails above provide no evidence Chandler Unified uses any non-mainstream media to stalk dangerous community members, or as Merrick Garland would call them– “domestic terrorists”. There was no email to the James T. Harris radio show, he often interviews concerned parents about the goings-on in Arizona school districts. The Arizona Daily Independent is an alternative news source which has covered Arizona schools for years, but there were no references to that site either.

Chandler Unified might want to get to know these parents and community members as they actually care greatly about not just their children’s education, but also employees in the district. Many of the Peoria parents referenced in Chandler’s emails are the same parents who took an interest in the concerns the Peoria bus drivers recently presented to their district. While Peoria’s superintendent hemmed and hawed, these parents and community members got to know the bus drivers and their challenges, much of it having to do with pay. Knowing the parents had their backs, the bus drivers presented credible testimony at a recent board meeting and were able to pursuade the Peoria governing board to award them a much needed raise.

That is the problem, parents are effective. The solution? Silence parents. How about this governing board member in another state, she is a gem. Maybe Minnesota needs a doxxing law like Arizona’s due to Jodi Sapp.

In Chandler, the police set the tone to control the dialogue in a different way. In late April just before the Superintendent’s shindig, seeds were being planted to accuse parents of trespassing on public property so they could be arrested.

Imagine if this much effort was put forth by Chandler Schools to keep obscene library books out of the hands of students! Instead the District tried to cancel the First Amendment. And in June, they were successful. On June 9, 2021 as parents waited in the heat to enter the building and participate in public comment at the governing board meeting, a taxpayer stood outside and criticized Chandler administration. He continued even though the district didn’t like what he was saying. For that reason and despite the First Amendment, he was arrested for trespassing.

Did Chandler Police follow orders from Chandler Unified’s administration or visa versa?

Ironically, Chandler Governing Board member Lindsay Love has a sister who has strong opinions about police.

Here is the million dollar question: Do liberals like police or not? Or are police just okay if they are available to silence free speech, like at a school board meeting or when people are praying in front of one of Chris Love’s Planned Parenthoods? Don’t expect an answer from Big Media.

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