Chandler Meeting Proves Public Schools Exist for Democrat Community Organizing

It has been a head-scratcher why successful school districts have been taking a deep dive into divisive curriculum that is simultaneously not accurate. Why do governing board members and superintendents take a bite of the apple, never to return to their established, proven foundation? We have always suspected under-the-table deals, and we know there are political points to be scored. But still, why do so many take the risk?

Chandler Unified’s Governing Board meeting on January 8, 2020 was no more than a four-hour opportunity for community organizing for the most pro-abortion, liberal, and secular organizations in the Phoenix area. Chandler Board member Lindsay Love had to do damage control after she made it clear she would not recuse herself from any sex ed vote despite her sister’s position as Board Chair for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona. Ms. Love clearly has a conflict of interest and after doxxing community members who requested her to recuse, she had to rally support to save face.

The meeting was scheduled to start at 7PM and most who were interested in public comment planned to arrive early to get a seat and fill out a request to speak form. One problem–all the forms were gone around 6PM–a Saul Alinsky tactic to stack the deck against all who do not support a sexual agenda taught to minors. (Additional forms were later provided, one at a time.) Let’s make one thing clear: Sexual education is not the same as anatomy and physiology which has been in biology textbooks for decades. Planned Parenthood and their cutouts tell us their information is medically accurate. If so, they would not have to develop their own curriculum, they could use the biology books that are currently in circulation. This reason alone proves there is an agenda behind the push for Comprehensive Sex Ed.

Our readers know this website was started for the sole purpose of exposing the truth behind Planned Parenthood and its tactics to impose a sexual agenda on children. The local media will not dig deep into this issue or they choose to air only one side. For example, Phoenix’s ABC15 showed up to Chandler’s meeting before it started and stayed until about 10PM. What was their headline? That Purple4Parents, a parent group on Facebook which formed in opposition to Red for Ed, took over the meeting.

That was hardly the case. Notice the producers mainly showed purple shirts to their viewers. There was no mention in Channel 15’s segment that Gilbert Board Member Jill Humpherys stood by the podium the entire meeting and was offered the opportunity to be the first speaker during public comment. This was likely due to her affiliation with the Arizona School Board Association, a liberal organization pushing these curricula in schools. By the way, Mrs. Humpherys accepted money from Planned Parenthood to win reelection to her post on the Gilbert School Board in 2014.

Back to the action. Why didn’t ABC15 show any video of Board Member Lindsay Love’s sister, Ms. Planned Parenthood Chris Love taking over the meeting? The video below shows her towards the back standing and yelling at the Vice-President of the governing board, Mr. David Evans. Mind you, she was not the only one, but she was the first to “take over the meeting.”

The controversy was because there were 84 requests for public comment. Allowing each person the normal three minutes in addition to addressing the predetermined tasks of the meeting seemed endless. Mr. Evans suggested a representative speak for each group or he’d cancel public comment. That was an unpopular suggestion, plus the meeting’s agenda provided for public comment so the Board legally needed to hear from all interested in speaking. It was later determined each speaker would get one minute and those who needed more time were encouraged to email the governing board.

Equality Arizona, Planned Parenthood, GLSEN, and LUCHA Arizona were a few of the groups who sent supporters to fawn over Board Member Love and speak in support of Comprehensive Sex Ed and Deep Equity. They cheered Ms. Planned Parenthood Chris Love as she tried to take over the meeting. You can hear her (no microphone needed) starting at the 10 minute mark and continue to about 14:30 mark . In the video Ms. Chris Love is in the back in the black dress. Most of the Purple4Parents Group were quiet and didn’t participate in the mob tactics. At 14:30, her sister calms the group down and admits many are there to support the Board (meaning herself).

Chandler Unified Board Meeting January 8, 2020

Once the business of the meeting took place, the roll call started for public comment. One of the early speakers named Alex, a student at Chandler High School, told everyone she was LGBTQ and she was tired of the “straight, white dudes” who created American history. A second Chandler High student, Theo, went on an LGBTQ rant that this group is dying and being slaughtered. Are these talking points or are there facts to back up this student’s claims? (2 hour mark) It appears the facts don’t support her statement. It’s unfortunate these groups have isolated themselves so much they don’t learn facts, especially inside buildings which exist to teach facts, along with how to debate and dialogue.

There was a time Planned Parenthood and their proxies dominated public comment. Now there exists new, unwritten rules to push their seXXX and abortion agenda into schools. Most supporters of sex ed in Chandler used the words equity, equality, and inclusiveness. A heads-up to other parents, these are the new code words for Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood and LGBTQ supporters love to dis God, unless it’s convenient to refer to Him. In fact at the 2:12:31 mark, Michelle Lee from the National Organization for Women made sure to get a snide comment in about priests in her pro-sex talk.

There were additional examples of selected acceptable religion Wednesday night. Janine Gelsinger, a representative of the Unitarian Universalist Church, took to the podium at the 3:29 mark to state her support for Comprehensive Sex Ed. The Unitarian Universalist Church works to teach sex ed through their specific curriculum, OWL. She forgot to mention they have a financial interest. The second religious reference was from Ahmed Soussi, who works at the Council on American- Islamic Relations in Arizona.

His concern was Islamophobia, somehow that has to do with Ms. Lindsay Love’s need for Planned Parenthood. But what about the woman in attendance wearing the white t-shirt with black lettering that said “Abstinence didn’t work for Mary.” That was a slap in the face to every Catholic in the room, which was probably the point of her shirt. That’s not very inclusive!

How come ABC15 did not show any video of the loud, screaming audience members who interrupted, laughed, and heckled those who supported the current sex ed policy in Chandler Unified and opposed Planned Parenthood? Mr. Evans had to remind them to be respectful when others were talking. It was the darkest night of the soul in that room the evening of January 8th. Science was laughed at. Tradition was reprimanded. Children were disrespectful of adults. When Planned Parenthood first came to Tempe Union six years ago, there was debate and disagreement. There were dirty looks and distrust. But there was not the disrespect that presented itself in Chandler. The Womens’ March with the screaming, unhappy women has set a poor precedent of how to behave. ABC15 deliberately did not air their rudeness.

Dr. Dionne Mills shows up to push Comprehensive Sex Ed regularly. She is a local gynecologist who is routinely angry. She also went on a white privilege rant and yelled at the audience (presumably the white folks) at the 2:55 mark. Ouch, that must be a painful gynecological exam for her patients who are not women of color. Nothing from ABC15.

On a related note, Arizona Senator Sylvia Allen will be dropping some parents rights and transparency bills in a few days. The Planned Parenthood mob has been upset and screaming on social media. There is no doubt Planned Parenthood is trying to influence children; they don’t hide it anymore:

Who at ABC15 tipped off The View (more unhappy women) so they could weigh in on an issue way out in Arizona?

It is clear that ABC15 is setting the table to intimidate those who oppose abortion and believe in parents rights. In other words, the teachers unions, Red for Ed, and school boards think they know more so sit down and shut up. No longer are teachers required to donate to the union–some of that money goes to Planned Parenthood. Is the abortion mill feeling the pinch? The meeting ended with Board Member Lindsay Love thanking her supporters and once again stated those who don’t support her initiatives are racist and one in particluar is a stalker. There wasn’t one person who spoke against Planned Parenthood talk about Ms. Love’s race. On the contrary, she should be happy so many are opposed to the abortion mill as Planned Parenthood targets minority babies.

Long ago we were warned about taking on the teachers union because it would get messy. In Chandler it’s more than a dust up, it’s a dust storm stirred up by a self-promoting, power-hungry governing board member.

6 thoughts on “Chandler Meeting Proves Public Schools Exist for Democrat Community Organizing

  • January 12, 2020 at 1:27 pm

    Excellent report! I watched the (very looong) meeting dominated by the rude, loud, intrusive, abusive, intolerant, impatient, childish, intimidating, racist, screaming, interupting, depraved, doxing, far left, Community Organizing, organizations like LUCHA, NOW, Planned Murderhood, GLSEN, CAIR, ASBA, Red For Ed, and others. These groups clearly do not represent the average Arizonan. And, furhtermore, what a disgusting report by the Phoenix paper. Fake news indeed!

    • January 12, 2020 at 1:35 pm

      Did i leave out they were also baseless, criminal, immoral and Godless?

    • January 12, 2020 at 8:46 pm

      Did you feel a little dirty after you watched?

    • January 12, 2020 at 9:57 pm

      Yes, dirty, sickened, disgusted, outraged…

  • January 11, 2020 at 9:40 pm

    I think we should post this to ABC 15’s FB page. If many of us do that, they will be forced to address the issues contained here. What are your thoughts?

    • January 12, 2020 at 8:44 pm

      Post this anywhere you would like. It came to me afterwards that ABC is owned by Disney. Enough said–look what they’ve done to children through Disney Studios and Parks.

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