We are Seeking Help from Arizona LD18’s Mitzi Epstein

Thank you to LD18’s Representative Mitzi Epstein for reading our post and responding to it. Representative Epstein appears to be distancing herself from the porn issue we reported and that is good.

On the positive side, together we can work to prevent minors from being exposed to porn and obscene material. Sadly, these problems continue for the children in LD18 and all over Arizona.

Soon the new legislative session will begin and many bills will be heard. Education is always a hot topic in Arizona and lately there have been many frustrated parents trying to find out what their children are really learning in school. Although laws are on the books to protect school children, nobody in Arizona government or local school boards appear to want to enforce our statutes. Parents are passed from one bureaucrat to another like hot potatoes, many times without even getting a call returned.

Also, it has come to light that the State of Arizona itself is allowing school children, including those in Representative Epstein’s district, to have access to obscene material through DAZL, Arizona’s on-line data base.

Representative Epstein was previously a member of the Kyrene School Board. Recently the book “It’s Perfectly Normal”, which is full of obscene pictures, was found in two of Kyrene’s libraries. Parents are being told the books were removed but have been offered no proof.

We hope that as January rolls around we can count on Representative Mitzi Epstein to help Arizona parents in a variety of ways. Can she sponsor or support a bill to put some teeth into transparency laws for school districts to follow?

Can she oppose any potential laws that would allow minors to be exposed to obscene materials in schools? That would include obscene material in sex ed or other subjects, and also in school libraries. Would Representative Epstein decline any future political donations from Planned Parenthood and the like since their curriculum contain material not fit for children?

Can Representative Epstein use her influence to gather information that “It’s Perfectly Normal” has been removed from Kyrene Schools? This would put many of her constituents’ minds at ease.

And finally, can she help taxpayers get to the bottom of DAZL and the problems that go with it? How is it funded? Does Arizona need it? Can some of the material in DAZL be discontinued? Who makes the decisions what is linked in DAZL?

We are excited for the 2020 Arizona Legislative Session to begin so we can work together to make Arizona schools productive and safe for all students.

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